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Met some of the incredible Yr 10 students from @ks_school whilst supporting with their mock interviews yesterday #Peterborough #Community
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10th March 2017

Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 10/03/2017
KSCS Newsletter March 10th 2017
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Message from the Principal
This week, I met with the Student Council. It was one of the best and most informative meetings I have had. Henceforth, I make a pledge to meet with them on fortnightly basis to ensure I listen, then we act and then publish what we have done.

One of the early actions recommended by the Student Council for the school newsletter is to have a student section, sharing with everyone their achievements.  I am conscious that my weekly newsletters are aimed at parents/carers; I believe this is an excellent development which will hopefully take place on a monthly or other regular basis, starting from next week.

We have welcomed external visitors into the school this week as part of the Vice Principal appointment. I wish to share the consistent feedback about how wonderfully insightful, astute and caring our students are about the school and its continued growth.  I totally agree with this. We are so proud to have so many caring and committed students, willing to speak passionately and freely about how they want their school to grow.  I am totally committed to student voice and ensuring they are ambassadors to other students, to enable all to understand and comply with what we stand for.

Another highlight that I would like to share with you is the real buzz coming from Year 11 as they have undertaken the second round of pre-public examinations.  When students and their teachers are beginning to see real progress in their learning it really does provide a buzz of excitement and injection of

Comic Relief

Through various initiatives over the years, the school continues to be a passionate supporter of key charities and we are proud to endorse these events.  Mrs Bamber is leading on the activities that we hope our students will support in aid of Comic Relief.  I urge you to read the letter and guidance below.

Finally, I am pleased to inform you that we have appointed Mr Whales as Vice Principal from September, 2017.  Mr Whales will introduce himself to you in a forthcoming newsletter and I look forward to him contributing to a school where all are pulling in the same direction towards achieving higher standards.

Parents Surgery – March 22 6.00-7.15pm in the Conference Room

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Maths PPE Revision
Next week is the start of two weeks of PPEs please find attached week of the extra questions students can do at home with the support of parents as mark schemes and examiners reports are also attached.

Every week I will attach five topics that regularly appear on examinations, there is also a Personal Learning Checklist so students can track what they feel they have mastered and what they need more help on. This can be used alongside hegarty maths which has video tutorials to help students understand topics they may need more help with. With students currently completing their PPEs using the countdown alongside hegarty and other revision resources will really make the difference.

Extra revision classes will run every Monday lunchtime in 3U22 for all year 11s.

Targeted revision classes for specific groups will take place after school as follows: A1/B1 Thursdays (JHY/NBN), A2/B2 Thursdays (THN), A3/B3 Mondays (LDY), Wednesday (NBN), Thursdays (JCN),A4 Mondays, B4 Fridays and also Tuesday to Friday lunchtimes with (ICC).

Mr Donnelly
Mathematics KS3 Coordinator

World Book Day
On 2 March, Ken Stimpson Community School took part in World Book Day.
World Book Day

In order to promote reading, each student in upper school was provided with £1 book token that can be exchanged at any bookshop for a free copy of the book published especially for this day. Alternatively, tokens can be used to buy any book at participating bookshops, like Waterstones or even Tesco, and receive £1 discount. All our year 7 and 8 students, instead of receiving tokens, were given free books to keep and enjoy reading. It turned to be a very successful event. Thank you to all who took part in it.

Mr Charko
Leader of Literacy and EAL

Maths Resources
Recently I have been sharing resources that are specifically designed towards students who are studying GCSE maths particularly in year 11. We also use a lot of engaging resources at all other levels that we purchase for all students. Please encourage your son/daughter to use some of the following resources to develop their knowledge even further:
  • All students have access to and if they haven't previously logged on there is a step by step guide under student login on the website.
  • Year 7 and 8 students can practice their times tables using
  • All students have access to which ranges from level 1 maths all the way through to 'A' level. The schools user name is: kscs and the password is: shapes

Students have individual logins for ttrockstars and mymaths which if they are unsure of they can ask their maths teacher. With both of these, you, them and their teacher can see their progress.

  • Sam Learning  ( can also be used not just to focus on maths but all subjects. The centre id is: PE4KS user id: six digit date of birth and initials and the password is the same as their user id. e.g 170475LD
  • With maths in mind students have access to resources from KS1 through to 'A' level with the new addition of intervention resources to bridge the gap on key topics. Alongside the use of Numeracy Ninjas (a new initiative year 7 and 8 have started in tutor time to improve their numeracy skills) in school this could really make the difference to students understanding of maths.

Mr Donnelly
Mathematics KS3 Coordinator

Year 10 Science pre-public examinations
All year 10 students will be taking part in Science PPEs on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th May. These are set by the Edexcel exam board and will be taken nationally at the same time by every student in all schools who are taking Edexcel GCSE Science. Students will be sitting an exam for each Science subject separately, whether they are on the Triple or Combined Science courses.

Because this is a new course, we believe that Edexcel will be using the results to look at grade boundaries and assess the suitability of their content. They will also be comparing achievement across different schools. We will be using results to decide group setting and predict likely GCSE performance. It is very important that students are as prepared as possible because the results need to accurately reflect their learning. 

Revision guides have been offered for sale by the school with good uptake. If you have a guide please make strong use of it. BBC Bitesize, SAM Learning, ActiveLearn and YouTube tutorials are also good resources. Please encourage your son or daughter to use these and other revision tools. They can also speak to their teacher for other ideas. Unfortunately we are not offering revision guides anymore but they are available from the website address below.

Mrs Young
Keystage 4 Coordinator: Science

Individually we are one drop but TOGETHER we are an OCEAN"

Aspire stays in the lead this week, Excellence has taken back 2nd place, but the statistics are very close. We still have a way to go to our school target of 96.5%. You could help by doing a few things. You could try to come in with trival illness and you could also ensure you arrive on time to school. If you arrive after 9am then the legal register will be closed and then your attendance drops.

Sharon Blackledge
KSCS Attendance Officer

What's happening at KSCS?
Events and visits in the school over the next fortnight:
Monday 13/03/2017
Year 10 Work Experience (All week)
Tuesday 14/03/2017
Visit to MK Careers Fair
Wednesday 15/03/2017
Visit to MK Careers Fair
Thursday 16/03/2017
Soke Football/Netball Competition at AMVC p.m.
Friday 17/03/2017
Comic Relief Event
Law/A2 Sociology Inns of Court Westminster trip
Tuesday 21/03/2017
Year 11 NCS Assembly
Wednesday 22/03/2017
Year 11 NCS Assembly
Parents' Surgery 6-7:15pm
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