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Met some of the incredible Yr 10 students from @ks_school whilst supporting with their mock interviews yesterday #Peterborough #Community
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24th March 2017

Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 24/03/2017
KSCS Newsletter March 24th 2017
Introduction photo
Message from the Principal
Amazing, astonishing and awesome were the three words that stuck in my mind as I thoroughly enjoyed the Performing Arts Showcase on Wednesday evening. To witness students perform dance, drama and musical pieces to such a high and demanding standard was a highlight of not just my week - the sense of joy in their faces; the feeling of pride from their family members and members of staff that have supported and coached them was very evident. The photos below do not do justice to the quality of students and staff dedicated to this creative aspect of learning. Everyone was humbled by their talent.
Performing arts showcase


I am working with parents and students to listen and act on areas of the school we can improve. Testimony to this is the recent Student Council meetings and also the feedback I received from parents at the last Parent's Surgery on Wednesday. Thank you for taking time to share with me your areas for development and also for complimenting us when we do things well. Rest assured, I will be working tirelessly with the staff to further improve the school, but ask that there is a sense of realism that all things can be changed overnight. I am sure you understand this. Equally, I realise time is precious and will be pressing for change as fast as we can possibly make it happen. I aim to publish a list of actions and resolutions in a newsletter early next term so parents and students can know we are both listening and acting on feedback to make us an even better school.

This week, we welcomed back the Year 10 students following their work experience over the last fortnight. I hope that the experience has enabled them to not only gain an insight into the world of work and the skills required, but also helps them understand time at school needs to be used preciously so they can get reach their goals. Next week, I hope to see as many of you as possible for the second Year 11 subject (Wednesday 31 March). Furthermore, I wish the Post 16 students and staff a safe and enjoyable visit to Amsterdam, as part of the Travel and Tourism qualification.

Finally, as we draw toward the business end of the term, I wish to congratulate the vast majority of students and parents for their pride in consistently applying our uniform and behaviour code. I have attached the uniform expectations as a timely reminder to all. Failure to comply with these expectations will mean that Heads of House will reserve the right to isolate your child until the uniform/appearance issue is resolved. However, I believe this is a last resort as the expectations are the same as they were in September and therefore, the rules and consequences are very clear.

Comic Relief 

Comic relief

Here are some photos of the brilliant and inventive ways in which students and staff have gone about fund raising over the school day. You can see a video of the fun here!

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

School Uniform
We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of the School uniform requirements. Please click the below image to see our uniform section of our website.
Year 10 Work Experience
Over the past two weeks 52 of our Year 10 students ventured out of school and into the world of work. Our students embarked into a range of different placements ranging from retail, healthcare, construction, engineering, law, IT, teaching and finance to name but a few.

Following on from our visits during the students second week we were all amazed to see such confident, polite and enthusiastic individuals representing their school with pride and truly getting to grips with a taste of working life. Companies were eager to pass on messages of “extremely polite and well-mannered” and “strong initiative and hardworker” to our staff during visits. We would just like to thank the companies, the parents and most importantly the students for making this year’s work experience so successful. Thank you to everyone involved.

Mr Billitt
Post 16 and Careers Administration

Year 11 Maths Revision
Now students have gone through their second set of PPEs they should now be even more aware of areas they are unsure on, using the countdown alongside Hegarty and other revision resources will really make the difference to closing the gap on these areas, please find attached (in the letters home section) week 6 of the extra questions students can do at home with the support of parents as mark schemes and examiners reports are also attached.

Every week I will attach five topics that regularly appear on examinations, there is also a Personal Learning Checklist so students can track what they feel they have mastered and what they need more help on. This can be used alongside Hegarty maths which has video tutorials to help students understand topics.

Extra revision classes will run every Monday lunchtime in 3U22 for all year 11s.

Targeted revision classes for specific groups will take place after school as follows: 

  • A1/B1 Mondays (CTK),Thursdays (JHY/NBN),
  • A2/B2 Mondays (CTK), Thursdays (THN),
  • A3/B3 Mondays (LDY), Wednesday (NBN), Thursdays (JCA),
  • A4 Mondays (CTK) 
  • B4 Mondays (ICC) and also Tuesday to Friday lunchtimes with (ICC)

Mr Donnelly
Mathematics KS3 Coordinator

To Year 11 students in 11A1 for Maths
The revision session for this Wednesday will cover key topics for the AQA exam through looking at your personalised learning checklists.

The session will be after-school from 3.30 - 4.30 in 3U19. Well done to: Thomas Alexander, Emma Stacey, Klaudia Rog, Olivia Campbell, Louise Balanza, Chloe Booth, Jasmine Stiff, Shannon Butler and Lauren Tyler for taking part last week.


Mr Brown
Teacher of Maths

Cambridge University visit
On Friday 17 March, myself and several fellow GCSE languages students were able to go on a prestigious trip to Cambridge University.

Being there, I got to see what it took to be a linguist; though the requirements were challenging, it was nothing any of us couldn't achieve. We also got to see the doors that opened as well as the opportunities that arose from having a languages degree. 

Cambridge Uni

My aim in life has always been to become a lawyer, languages is an interest of mine however I was surprised to find out that a languages degree would enable me to become a lawyer. The year abroad particularly appealed to me, as talking to current students educated me that the year abroad gives you skills that can't always be taught in school, such as becoming an adult and learning how to manage your own financial situation. As well as having the freedom to do what you wish to do, going abroad can also be an eye opener allowing you to experience different cultures. 

Overall, I would have to say going to Cambridge University was better than the experience I pictured it to be. Encountering the experience has now made me seriously consider a future career in languages! 

Zulaikha Iqbal
Year 11 Student

National Apprenticeship Show Visit with Year 10
On Tuesday 14 March, Mrs Ayre and I took a group of students to Central Arena Milton Keynes for the National Apprenticeship Show.

There was a varied range of providers including the NHS, Aldi, Superdrug, Renault UK, Travis Perkins, IBM, Weetabix, Santander to name a few. All were keen to promote apprenticeship opportunities for young people and open up career ideas for students who may be unsure what direction they would like to go in. All our students very much enjoyed speaking with providers, picking up information, goodie bags and of course freebies! One student did not feel enthusiastic at the beginning of the day but by the time we were almost due to leave, was desperate to go round again and revisit some stands. All said they had come away with more knowledge and ideas for their future so a very worthwhile day.

Mrs Gregg
Learning and Progression Mentor

Year 11 Revision Schedule
Dear all Year 11 students, please see below for the extensive range of revision sessions that will be on offer to you in the lead up to your exams.

Your mentors will advise you which sessions will be most beneficial to improving your grades and help you to plan out your time after school.

A big thank you goes to all of your teachers that are making this effort to support you. 

Revision Timetable

Mr Corner
Assistant Principal

"A year from now, you will wish you had started today." Karen Lamb

There has not been much movement in the statistics this week. Aspire stays in the lead this week. As we enter into Spring, lets all make a new start to come into school renewed with full attendance. It is a very important time of year for our Year 11 students. Ensure revision gets started, and start to think about preparation and time keeping.

Sharon Blackledge
KSCS Attendance Officer

What's happening at KSCS?
Events and visits in the school over the next fortnight:
Monday 27/03/2017
Post 16 EPQ Presentations
Tuesday 28/03/2017
NCS Year 11 Assembly
Wednesday 29/03/2017
NCS Year 11 Assembly
Thursday 30/03/2017
Art GCSE/BTEC Exam Year 11
Friday 31/03/2017
Reports Distributed electronically
Art GCSE/BTEC Exam Year 11
Monday 03/04/2017
Year 10 Geography Field Visit
Exhibition of Learning (4 days)
Tuesday 04/04/2017
Year 10 Geography Field Visit
Wednesday 05/04/2017
Year 11 Progress Evening
Thursday 06/04/2017
Lower School Rewards (1.30 - 3.15 p.m.)
Friday 07/04/2017
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