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An Overview

At Ken Stimpson Community School we believe that careers education and guidance is an essential part of the curriculum for all students, contributing to our work in preparing students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

In Year 7 students are encouraged, across the curriculum, to develop an awareness of the working world. In PSHE, students begin to look at the difference between fantasy and reality with regard to careers and look at the positive aspects of work. In Year 8 ‘The Real Game’ allows them to further explore the many aspects of the world of work that they will face as adults.

In Year 9 Individual Learning Planning helps students to reflect on their own learning, achievements and ambitions through group work, individual interviews and target setting. Further PSHE work includes an introduction to the Careers Library, GCSE Options preparation and the World of Work Day in the summer term.

In Year 10 students are encouraged to recognise their own strengths and analyse their interests in relation to Careers using the Plan-it and Kudos on-line programmes.

In Year 11, Advice and guidance is offered through the Connexions Service and through individual interviews with a personal tutor. Visits, speakers and Post 16 taster sessions broaden students' knowledge of what is available to them. The central aim, as students reach the end of Year 11, is to ensure that they are aware of all the opportunities available at Post 16 and are able to make appropriate choices. Post 16 students are prepared both through PSHE and the work-related curriculum to make realistic and informed decisions about their futures and to manage the transition from Post 16 into higher education, training or employment. Post 16 Opportunities Evening takes place in November.

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