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A young person’s career is the progress they make in learning and work.  All young people need a planned programme of activities to help them choose 14-19 pathways that are right for them and to be able to manage their careers and sustain employability throughout their lives.  Schools have a statutory duty to provide careers education in Years 7-11 (1997 Education Act, 2003 Education Regulations) and to give students access to careers information and impartial guidance (1997 Education Act, 2008 Education and Skills Bill).
Ken Stimpson Community School is committed to providing a planned programme of careers education and information, advice and guidance for all students in Years 7-13, in partnership with the Peterborough Connexions Service and Aim Higher.
Ken Stimpson Community School endeavours to follow the National Framework for CEG 11-19 in England (DfES, 2003); the Young People’s IAG Standards (DCSF, 2007); the statement of careers education principles (DCSF, 2008); the Statutory Guidance: Impartial Careers Education and National IAG Strategy (DCSF 2009) and other relevant guidance from DCSF, QCA and Ofsted that appears from time to time.
Ken Stimpson Community School is committed to gaining the local IAG quality award.
This policy was developed and is reviewed biennially in discussion with teaching staff; the school’s Connexions personal adviser(s), students, parents, governors, advisory staff and other external partners (e.g. the 14-19 Partnership).
The policy for CEIAG supports and is itself underpinned by a range of key school policies especially those for teaching and learning, assessment, recording and reporting achievement, citizenship, PSHE Education, work related learning and enterprise, equal opportunities and diversity, gifted and talented, looked after children and special needs/LDD.
The careers programme is designed to meet the needs of students at Ken Stimpson Community School.  It is differentiated and personalised to ensure progression through activities that are appropriate to students’ stages of career learning, planning and development.
Students are entitled to CEIAG, which meets professional standards of practice and which is person-centred, impartial and confidential.  It will be integrated into students’ experience of the whole curriculum and be based on a partnership with students and their parents or carers.  The programme will raise aspirations, challenge stereotyping and promote equality and diversity.
The Careers Co-ordinator, co-ordinates the careers programme for Years 7-11 and Head of Post 16 the Post 16 programme. Both are responsible to the Senior Leadership Team.  The Careers Co-ordinator is responsible for the work of the careers administrator.  Work experience is also planned and implemented by the Careers Co-ordinator. This area is supported by a link governor, Bridget Holland (Chair of Governors).
All staff contribute to CEIAG through their roles as tutors and subject teachers.  A specialist mentor works with students in Years 9 and 10 to develop personal learning planning. Specialist sessions are delivered by the PSHE Education team.  The CEIAG programme is planned, monitored and evaluated by the Careers Co-ordinator in consultation with the Connexions Personal Adviser who provides specialist careers IAG.  Careers information is available in the Connexions Resource Centre in Werrington Library, which is maintained by the School Librarian.  Administrative support is available to the Careers Co-ordinator.
The careers programme includes careers education sessions; career guidance activities (group work and individual interviews) and information provision to parents/carers, other stakeholders and students. The information provision to the latter includes research activities in the Connexions Library, which is located within the Ken Stimpson Teaching Ares of Werrington Library, and involvement in activities using careers websites/programmes accessible via the school intranet. The programme also includes work-related learning (including work experience where appropriate), enterprise activities and individual learning planning/portfolio activities.  Careers lessons are part of the school’s personal development programme.  Other focused events, e.g. Year 9 World of Work Day and the Year 10 Careers fair, are provided annually.  Work experience preparation and follow-up and Post 16 taster sessions take place in PSHE lessons, on collapsed days and other appropriate parts of the curriculum.
Students are actively involved in the evaluation of activities.
The intended career learning outcomes for students are based on the DfES National Framework 2003 and the DCSF Statutory Guidance: Impartial Careers Education October 2009 and are assessed using Assessment for Learning (AfL) techniques.
An annual Partnership Agreement is negotiated between the school and Peterborough Connexions Service which identifies the contributions to the programme that each will make.  Other links are being developed, e.g. with Peterborough Regional College, Stamford College, etc.
Funding is allocated in the annual budget planning round in the context of whole school priorities and particular needs in the CEIAG area.  The Careers Co-ordinator is responsible for the effective deployment of resources.  Sources of external funding are actively sought.
Staff training needs are identified as part of the Partnership Agreement process with the Connexions Service and in conjunction with the school inset co-ordinator.  Funding is provided both from Connexions and from school funds.  The school will endeavour to meet training needs within a reasonable period of time.
The Partnership Agreement with Connexions is reviewed annually. The programme is reviewed annually by the Careers Co-ordinator and the personal adviser using the local quality standards for CEGIAG to identify areas for improvement. A report is submitted to the senior leadership team and governors. Action research evaluation of different aspects of CEIAG is undertaken regularly.
Date policy approved                   19th January 2010
Date of next biennial review       19th January 2012

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