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The House System

The House System

At Ken Stimpson Community School we organise our pastoral system into Houses and a vertical tutoring structure.  We have four Houses, each consisting of 3 Lower School and 8 Upper School tutor groups.  Lower school tutor groups consist of a mix of Year 7 and Year 8 students, with 24 students in each group.  Upper School tutor groups consist of a mix of Years 9-13 students with around 21 in each tutor group - at least 5 students from each year group.  Tutor groups meet for 15 minutes each day becoming a small, self-supporting group.  Under this system we believe students learn to work together with other young people, taking responsibility and leadership roles.  House assemblies take place on a weekly basis, with Year group assemblies taking place when necessary (examination guidances, careers related activities etc).  Post 16 assemblies are scheduled on a rotation basis each half-term.

We believe that a Vertical Tutoring Structure:

  • Raises achievement
  • Develops a more cohesive school community - where students are aware of what goes on throughout the whole school community and not just an isolated year group.  We are a family working together.
  • Gives tutor groups and Houses more consistent rules, aims and expectations.
  • Shows, with evidence from other schools, improvements in student behaviour and reduceds bullying even further.
  • Opens up opportunities for friendly, academic and social competitions run across tutor groups and Houses.
  • Gives students relief from peer pressures that naturally occur within same age tutor groups.
  • Improves support for younger student's.
  • Provides leadership opportunities for upper school students.
  • Increases and enhances individual support and guidance e.g. peer mentoring, academic mentoring and coaching.
  • Strengthens school partnerships with home and families.

Contacting Us

Please contact your childs Form Tutor in the first instance

Student Support:

Lower School



Integrity House

Success House

Lower School

In Year 7 students are placed into tutor groups alongside Year 8 students. There are 17 Lower School tutor groups within the pastoral team. These tutor groups divides the students into each of our four houses, Aspire, Excellence, Integrity and Success. Lower School was created to support a smooth transition from primary school to secondary. Students in Year 7 are pastorally integrated alongside Year 8 students who act as buddies where they can offer peer support to students.

At the end of Year 8 students will transfer from the Lower School to Upper School. Upper School includes four Heads of House. Students continue in the House system they are placed in at the start of Year 7. Each House has a Student Support Officer - a non-teaching member of staff who supports the day to day support for students within their house. There are inter-form and inter-House competitions that form an integral part of our vertical tutoring system. Students are awarded positive points and can be deducted negative points that contribute to their House totals.

Major events to support House competition include:

  • Attendance & Punctuality Tracker
  • Behaviour Tracker
  • Sports Day
  • House Quizzes
  • Faculty/Subject based competitions

Mr Treliving
Year 7

Mr Reed
Year 8

LowerSchoolSupport [at] ()
Mr Treliving - Mr Reed
Email: LowerSchoolSupport [at]

Aspire House

The Aspire Team are extremely committed to the students at Ken Stimpson School. It is our hope to see our students believe in the unthinkable and achieve above and beyond their wildest dreams. We endeavour to give them a vision for their future so they can be Successful and enter into this big wide world equipped with Integrity. We aim to do everything with an Excellent attitude so that not only the students but the staff can Aspire to great heights.

“Be a King. Dare to be Different, Dare to Manifest Your Greatness.” - Jaachynma N.E. Agu, The Prince and the Pauper

Mrs Purdy
Head of Aspire House

AspireSupport [at] ()
Mrs Purdy - Miss Cupoli - Mr Walji
Email: AspireSupport [at]

AspireSupport [at] ( )

Excellence House

“Excellence is not a skill it is an attitude” - Ralph Marston

“We are what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act but a habit” - Aristotle

These two quotes sum up for me the essence of what I hope to see from our the students in Excellence.  To develop as young learners and young adults I believe that we need to continually look to do everything as well as we can and to strive for excellence. This starts with our general theme of simply 'giving it a go' and a positive 'can do' attitude. We have a proud record of achieving well in tutor group tasks and most notably with raising money for charity.

Each tutor group has students with a range of interests and talents that can work together to create a great team. Through the promotion of the school ethos and encouraging a wider responsibility we hope to develop students to leave education ready for the wide world, and that students leave proud of their time in school and their contributions to school life.

I wish every student the very best for their time in Excellence House and look forward to working together as school, students and parents.

Ms Sothmann
Head of Excellence House

excellenceSupport [at] ()
Ms Sothmann - Mrs Dunn - Mr Abbott
Email: ExcellenceSupport [at]

Integrity House

I am very proud to be the Head of Integrity House, we have a wonderful group of young people with as many talents as there are individual students. I am also fortunate to be surrounded by a team of tutors and support staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

This year, working together with parents/carers and everybody in Integrity House we will continue to uphold the school values and be the very best we can be. Positive attendance, and punctuality, enjoying new experiences, learning new things every day, all help towards every child reaching their full potential.

On behalf of all of us in Integrity House, I would like to wish you all a successful and exciting 2016. I am very confident that every student in Integrity House will do themselves proud.

Ian Housley
Head of Integrity House

IntegritySupport [at] ()
Mr Housley - Mrs Kelly
Email: IntegritySupport [at]

Success House

Success House seeks to welcome and treat each of our students as individuals.  Students are encouraged to recognise, celebrate and develop their own strengths.  Alongside this we aim to help each other realise the importance of our role as a member of the house and the school community.  Students are encouraged to listen to one another and rely on the support of their peers, tutors and Head of House.

The values and ethos of Ken Stimpson Community School are at the heart of our daily lives.  Our students and staff have a range of talents, interests and ambitions which help to make the house a diverse, strong and inclusive environment. We want our students to welcome challenge and know how to access the help they need to succeed.

Mr Billitt
Head of Success House

SuccessSupport [at] ()
Mr Billitt - Mrs Read - Mr O'Neill
Email: SuccessSupport [at]

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