Equality, Diversity and Cohesion at Ken Stimpson

Over the past year, staff and Governors at the school have been keen to promote equality, diversity and cohesion.  Mr Ian Robson, Vice Chair of Governors, has assumed oversight of this vital work and given presentations to the Leadership Team, staff, students, the Parent Forum and, as part of a standing agenda item, to the Governors.  He has assessed all policies to ensure that they conform to the Equality, Diversity and Cohesion Policy and it has been agreed to track all students by their ethnic groups to observe and act upon any variances. Furthermore, Mr Robson, with Mr Walji’s assistance, introduced a competition to promote cohesion across the school. Gemma Langwade, Chido Tanyanyiwa and Laura Whaley of Aspire House won the competition and the winning poster is currently being professionally produced.

Richard Lord

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