Uniform Policy

Last updated September 2016

School Uniform 2016-17

KSCS Uniform Examples

Polo Shirt - White

School range Polo plain white with House logo
(only available in school shop).
Other polo shirts are not acceptable.

Trousers - Black

Must be traditional formal ‘suit’ style trousers (non-jeans style)
No casual, ‘skinny-type’ (leggings) or chino trousers will be acceptable.

Jumper/Cardigan - Black

School range plain black school jumper/cardigan with House logo (only available in school shop).

Skirt - Black

Skirts must be to the knee and a traditional style.
Fitted skirt, lycra, jersey, with slits or zips are not acceptable.

Shoes - Black

Traditional /formal style in leather or leather-style.
Heels must not exceed 5cm.
No canvas/trainer style shoes will be accepted.
No boots will be accepted.
Tights/Socks should be neutral black or white, plain, no patterns and not leggings.

Coat - Dark

A waterproof coat -dark colour
(discrete logos acceptable).
Hooded tops or bright coloured coats are not acceptable.

Make up

Make up must be discrete for Upper School (Senior Management and Head of House to decide).
Lower School – No make up.
Nail varnish, gel nails or nail extensions are not permitted.


No extreme/un-natural colours or styles are
allowed including tram lines
(Senior Management and Head of House to decide).


One pair of small stud earrings allowed (to be worn one in each ear or a single earring).
Optional wrist watch.
No other jewellery is acceptable.
We do not accept any other forms of body pieced jewellery or retainers of any description.

PE Kit

Plain House colour t shirt (Years 7-9)/ polo shirt (Years 10-11).
School rugby shirt (Years 7-9)
Black sweatshirt (no logos) (only Years 10-11) No hoodies.
Black football socks (Years 7-9).
Gum shields (for Rugby).
Sports trainers and football boots.
Black shorts/black tracksuit bottoms/black sports leggings.

Dance Kit

Plain House colour t shirt or plain black t-shirt.
Black shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms.
No trainers or socks for Dance.

Please note: It is not possible to list all the combinations of hairstyles and clothing fads or fashions that may contravene our uniform requirements. It is at the Heads of House discretion to take action regarding fashion trend or hairstyle we feel is not acceptable. In order to prevent difficulty, and possible further expense, please ask for confirmation before buying shoes or clothing that you suspect may fall outside our uniform agreements.

Our school policy is: if a student arrives at school with the wrong clothing (including trainers), they will be isolated in the first instance. Parents and carers will be requested to bring the correct uniform into school. Alternatively, students may be sent home to change with parental permission. In this event, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised and attendance action may be taken (please see the Attendance Policy). 

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