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Brilliant careers fair @ks_school today supported by many organisations in @The_BGL_Group
- @ks_principal
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We aim to achieve a first class education for all students and to care for their well being at all times. All the staff in the school are dedicated to achieving the best for your son/daughter.

Occasionally it may be possible that you feel we have not lived up to your expectations. If this is so, then please tell us! If you do not do so then we will not be aware of your concern and cannot set things right. The school has adopted a complaints procedure which gives helpful information on the best way of expressing such concerns. Copies are available from the school office. In the first instance all complaints should be directed to the Principal who will follow them up quickly.

The Principal's Personal Assistant will direct any concerns to the Principal, she can be contacted via email, telephone or post.

Mrs Christine Ware
Ken Stimpson Community School
Staniland Way

Tel: 01733 765950 (ext: 207)
Email: c.ware [at]

Last Reviewed: 
September, 2016


Admission Policy(Reviewed: 05/2017)
Anti-Bullying Policy(Reviewed: 04/2014)
Attendance and Punctuality(Reviewed: 01/2017)
Behaviour Policy(Reviewed: 01/2016)
Camera and Video(Reviewed: 01/2014)
CCTV Policy(Reviewed: 03/2009)
Child Protection Policy(Reviewed: 04/2016)
Communication(Reviewed: 09/2016)
Complaints(Reviewed: 09/2016)
Controlled Assessment Policy(Reviewed: 09/2014)
Data Protection Policy(Reviewed: 01/2013)
E-Safety(Reviewed: 11/2015)
Equipment(Reviewed: 06/2017)
Exam Entry Policy(Reviewed: 01/2017)
Exams Appeals Policy(Reviewed: 05/2015)
Expectations(Reviewed: 09/2016)
Governor Charging Policy(Reviewed: 09/2016)
Homework(Reviewed: 09/2016)
Leave of Absence(Reviewed: 09/2016)
Lunch Times(Reviewed: 09/2016)
Marking Policy(Reviewed: 09/2016)
Pastoral Care(Reviewed: 09/2016)
Pupil Premium(Reviewed: 11/2016)
Rewards(Reviewed: 09/2016)
SEND Policy(Reviewed: 04/2015)
Staff Code of Conduct(Reviewed: 01/2017)
Uniform Policy(Reviewed: 06/2017)

Ken Stimpson Community School
Staniland Way
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