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Ben is really enjoying being part of Young Enterprise Team “Dynasty”lots of opportunities , trade fairs and selling an amazing History book which they have produced
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We have high expectations of behaviour and discipline, both of which are necessary to ensure quality teaching and an orderly community. In establishing a sense of responsibility among students we keep behaviour problems to a minimum. The friendly, civilised atmosphere resulting from this approach is a noticeable feature of our school.

We will contact you immediately if your child is giving us cause for concern and will work with you to find a solution to the problem.

Students are aware of the high standards we maintain at school and it may be necessary, in some cases, to detain, at break, individuals who do not meet our expectations. We reserve the right, as agreed nationally, to request students to remain behind at school, without prior notice, for up to 10 minutes.

We also operate detentions from 3.15 p.m. - 4.15 p.m. for persistent offenders.

If we are concerned about work or behaviour in lessons then students may be given a report book in which teachers can record observations on a lesson by lesson basis. We will inform you if your child is placed on report.

Last Reviewed: 
October, 2017


Accessibility Plan(Reviewed: 05/2019)
Admission Policy(Reviewed: 05/2017)
Anti-Bullying Policy(Reviewed: 09/2018)
Attendance and Punctuality(Reviewed: 03/2018)
CCTV Policy(Reviewed: 03/2018)
Communication(Reviewed: 09/2016)
Complaints(Reviewed: 05/2019)
Data Breach Policy(Reviewed: 05/2018)
Data Protection Policy(Reviewed: 05/2018)
E-Safety(Reviewed: 03/2018)
Equipment(Reviewed: 07/2018)
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Exams Contingency Plan(Reviewed: 03/2019)
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Expectations(Reviewed: 10/2017)
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Leave of Absence(Reviewed: 03/2018)
Lunch Times(Reviewed: 07/2018)
Marking Policy(Reviewed: 09/2016)
Pastoral Care(Reviewed: 09/2016)
Post 16 Admission Criteria(Reviewed: 03/2019)
Privacy Policies(Reviewed: 05/2018)
Pupil Premium(Reviewed: 01/2019)
Rewards(Reviewed: 09/2016)
SEND Policy(Reviewed: 09/2018)
Staff Code of Conduct(Reviewed: 01/2017)
Uniform Policy(Reviewed: 07/2018)

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