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What you can do on this page

Each of the images below is an interactive panorama.  They might look a bit weird just on this page, but click on the image to start viewing it and you'll see a lot more.  You can then zoom in, scroll about and have a play around.
Use the icons that appear or the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.  The icon on the right will make the image fullscreen.

Morocco 2011

I created these views ages ago, but completely forgot to post them on this site.  These are from our trek of Mount Toubkhal at the end of July 2011.

This is the view of our gite in Aremd, where we were based before and after our 4 day trek up the mountain.

On the way to base camp I took this one.

And this one

The day of the summit attempt was clean and crisp.  We camped 100 or so metres beneath where I took these photos..

About 4000m up we took a short break

After much effort and great teamwork we summited.

A view of the hard play area and football pitches.

On the 28th September 2011 I had to repair a camera on a pole next to the dance studio.  The weather was fantastic, so it was a perfect opportunity to take some more photos.

Sports Day 2011

Sports Day took place on the nice and warm 15th July 2011.  The sun sometimes struggled behind the clould, but overall, it was pretty good.

A view of the Quad

 A view of the quad, taken on the same day as Sports Day 2011.  As I was up on the roof, I thought 'why not?'

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