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Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 13/09/2019
KSCS Newsletter September 13th 2019
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Message from the Principal

What are the education outcomes as an educational establishment we need to meet? 

Nobody would argue that the core business of a school is to get every child to succeed to the best of their ability. 

This summer, KSCS students in years 11, 12, 13 were rewarded for the pain of discipline and hard work and I wish to thank them, but also staff and their parents/carers for making this happen. At A level 50% of students studying A level gained at least and A*-B grade. Wow!

The sixth form continue to be a centre of excellence and I urge students in the new Year 11 to look no further than our own centre if we offer the course for your son/daughter.

At GCSE, we didn’t maintain the high standards that we have set over the last three years, but there was still a continuation in outcomes for Mathematics, Languages, Business Studies, Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Financial education.

The other outcome is broadening our students about the Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural awareness of aspect of life so they become people that will contribute to our future.  I wish to thank the CROPS organisation for working with our Year 7 students on Monday and Tuesday to engage them in 12 different principles which enables them to think hard about globalisation issues, culture and diversity, faith, values and much more.


Whilst students will never gain a formal corticate in this process, it is vitally important that as a school we do not just measure our success on our results, but also how we develop young people to prepare for the modern life they are and will face. 


Early warning – Late opening time Thursday 3 October (10.30am)

Please be aware that on Wednesday 2 October will be welcoming prospective parents to our school.  As a parent/carer that has been through this process I hope you appreciate that a lot of time and energy is put by staff and students to welcome and rightly show off our school.  However, it comes at a cost. 

The whole staff and a large percentage of students will have put in up to a 13 plus hour day to take pride in this evening.  Taking into account the need to ensure everyone is fresh and optimised for teaching and learning the next day, the school will close as normal on Wednesday at 3.15pm but not open to students until 10.30 am the next day (on Thursday).


Please ensure your child does not arrive before 10.30 as the school will not be open until this time.


Mr B Erwin

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Maxim Grimshaw
At the beginning of the summer holidays, Maxim Grimshaw, now in Year 13 attended a Sutton Trust Summer School at the University of Nottingham.

This is a scheme run by a charity together with a range of top universities to give high-achieving Year 12 students a real experience of university life. More details about the scheme can be found here:  

Maxim writes about his experiences below:

Mrs Gray was my tutor last year and she suggested that I apply for a Sutton Trust Summer School.  It was a straightforward process to apply and I heard soon after that I had been successful.  So, at the end of July, I attended a week-long Summer School at the University of Nottingham for Engineering, Maths and Computer Science. I would encourage anyone in Year 12 who thinks they may apply to university to go on one of these as it is a great opportunity to experience university life and the subject that you intend to study first hand. 

On the Summer School you can learn so much more than you would from a university website or visiting on an open day, such as attending actual lessons and using the real equipment you would be using if you were on that course. You will also get to stay in the halls of residence for the whole week, which means you can meet lots of new people and enjoy a variety of activities outside of your studies.

Throughout this you have the chance to talk to the ambassadors, real students who often went on the Summer School themselves. You can ask them anything about the content of the course, the university itself, the city around it or the UCAS application process. Your time at the Summer School can also be used as an important part of your Personal Statement, helping you to explain what motivated you to choose to study your subject.  It was a great experience.

Mrs S Gray

Some of our Year 8 students have today started Metro Bank's Money Zone education programme.

Cheryl Sullivan, Assistant Manager from the Peterborough branch of Metro Bank, will be delivering lessons to students to help them get money smart by teaching them how money, banking and personal finance work.  This weeks session primarily focused on looking into the future and what people will need money for at different stages in their life.




Mrs R Patman
Pupil Premium Administrator Careers and Wellbeing Mentor

Tall Ships
Students who took part in the Tall Ships Challenge received their certificates and qualifications on Thursday.

We were very glad to hear that they enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone who gets the opportunity to do it!

Mrs R Patman
Pupil Premium Administrator Careers and Wellbeing Mentor

Student Acknowledgment
The following students have really made a difference this week.


The Art Department would really like to praise Year 9 and the majority of year 10 for their mature and positive approach towards Art.

For excellent attitude in Art this year: Michael Whiting (Year 10), Thomas Taylor (Year 9) and Tamera Christie-Beddington (Year 9).

Mrs Fowkes, Mr Housley and Miss Johnson



Gracie Ireland (Year 8) for producing a fantastic  piece of homework, going way above and beyond what was required of her.  Look out for Gracie’s work on the recognition board in the English corridor.

Mrs McLean


Food Technology

Riley Essex (Year 10) for working really hard in his GCSE Food lessons, answering questions and being very enthusiastic about the subject.

Mrs Brooks



Sara Indulska (Year 10) for being hardworking, polite and well mannered. Always taking risks, challenging herself in acting and happy to share constructive feedback.

Mr Billett - Head of Drama


Tutor Groups

Muhammad-Ibrahim Yousaf (Year 7)  In his first week at Ken Stimpson, he has shown what a helpful and well mannered young man he is to other members of his form group. Always eager to help, hand out equipment and answer questions. Terrific start to Year 7!

Form Tutor - Mr Billitt



Ellis McLennon (Year 9), Dylan Kulesza (Year 9) and Tamera Christie-Beddington (Year 9)  All three students have returned in September showing excellent focus in their Maths lessons and are setting their expectations high.  

Mrs Whybrow



Sinead Watson (Year 9) for leading dance at a lunchtime and for her hard work as a dance leader out of school. Sinead has been teaching Dance for the last two years at Dance Infinity.
Year 10 GCSE Dancers – all students have shown determination, commitment and passion for the subject this week!

Mrs Purdy and Miss Barben

Mrs J Purdy

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