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Met some of the incredible Yr 10 students from @ks_school whilst supporting with their mock interviews yesterday #Peterborough #Community
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Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 08/02/2019
KSCS Newsletter February 8th 2019
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Message from the Principal
Despite the mixed publicity, it is good to see that so many of our students have taken action to lock their bicycle up.

This has led to a conviction and sentencing of a serial thief.  We have also closed the main gates as a further deterrent. However, there are still a number of students without appropriate lighting or helmets.
This week it was good to welcome 25 Italian students who will be experiencing life in a UK school over the next two weeks.  They have settled into lessons and I wish to thank the student buddies in helping them to integrate so quickly.   We also welcomed a number of businesses who kindly gave up their time to help our students understand the various job roles and employment opportunities that they have.  I was struck by the level of interest and engagement that the Year 9 students showed.  Overall, it was a massive success and I wish to thank the businesses involved along with Mrs Ayre, Mrs Gregg, Miss Kingston and Mrs Patman for organising this event.
Next half term signals that there are fewer than 10 school weeks until the public exams begin.  There are revision classes scheduled and invitation letters have gone out from subject areas that are running them.  Please check with the subject lead or your son or daughter if a revision class is taking place.
Finally, next half term will hopefully see a dozen students modelling the new uniform.  I will share photos and more details in due course, but the students are very excited about the change and from the feedback I have received I believe we can make a significant change to our school uniform without a huge cost to you as parents or carers.

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

HPV vaccinations for girls in Year 8 & 9
Year 8 girls HPV vaccinations take place on Monday 4th March.

Please use this link to give consent    We cannot give the vaccine on this day if consent is not completed by 27th February. 

Helen Day
Cambridgeshire Schools ImmunisationTeam

Page to Stage
Over the past two weeks the Eastern Angles Theatre company has been working with our Year 10 Drama students to create scripts for a devised performance.

This took place at the Undercroft in Serpentine Green on Friday 25th January at 7.30pm. Their scripts were performed by professional actors from the theatre company and our students had the opportunity to work with the actors, take part in rehearsals and watch the finished performance. It was hugely rewarding to see our students scripts brought to life and for them to see a piece of their work performed on the professional stage. A huge thank you to Scott, the artistic director from the Eastern Angles and the three actors involved in this project and to out Year 10 drama students for their maturity, creativity and engagement during the workshops. Thank you to all students and parents who attended. The response from the audience and feedback we received was very positive- keep up the hard work Year 10!


Mr A Billitt
Teacher of Drama

GCSE Business studies revision
All revision sessions will take place on Friday afternoons, from 3.30pm to no later than 5.00pm, in 4U08. Chocolate treats will be provided!

Sessions will be delivered by Mr Abbott and will be tailored to the new GCSE content.  An additional drop in session is offered by Mrs Bates during Monday, Break 2 (1.35 to 2.05pm).  These sessions are optional (for most students) and are in addition to the revision that you will be doing in lessons.  However, it is strongly advised that you attend the sessions which cover any topics that you find difficult or confusing.

Remember that you should also be using your CGP revision guide (available at a discounted price from the Business Faculty), class notes from both Year 10 and 11, relevant websites and online resources, the school electronic resources area and any other revision materials that you will be given in lessons.

  • Friday 8 February:  3.1 Business in the real world - 3.1.1  The purpose and nature of businesses
  • Friday 15 February:  3.1 Business in the real world - 3.1.2  Business ownership
  • Friday 1 March:  3.1.3  Setting business aims and objectives, 3.1.4  Stakeholders &  3.1.5 Business Location
  • Friday 8 March:  3.1 Business in the real world -  3.1.6  Business planning & 3.1.7 Expanding a business
  • Friday 15 March:  3.2 Influences on Business - 3.2.1  Technology, 3.2.2  Ethical and environmental considerations, 3.2.3  The economic climate on businesses & 3.2.5 Legislation
  • Friday 22 March: 3.2 Influences on Business - 3.2.4  Globalisation, 3.2.6  Competitive environment,
  • Friday 29 March: 3.3 Business Operations - 3.3.1  Production processes, 3.3.2  The role of procurement, 3.3.3  The concept of quality & 3.3.4  Good customer services
  • Friday 5 April:  3.4 Human Resources - 3.4.1 Organisational structures, 3.4.2 Recruitment and selection of employees, 3.4.3 Motivating employees & 3.4.4 Training
  • Friday 26 April:  3.5 Marketing (Wk 1/2) - 3.5.1 Identifying and understanding customers, 3.5.2 Segmentation, 3.5.3 The purpose and methods of market research
  • Friday 3 May:  3.5 Marketing (Wk 2/2) -  3.5.4 The elements of the marketing mix:
  • Friday 10 May:  3.6 Finance - 3.6.1  Sources of finance, 3.6.2  Cash flow, 3.6.3  Financial terms and calculations, 3.6.4  Analysing the financial performance of a business
  • Friday 17 May:  Quick Tips and final revision for Paper 1

Additional revision sessions

We will also run a Super Saturday on the 1 June at the end of the May half term (9am – 12pm) offering last minute support for Paper 2 and the opportunity for some 1:1 tuition to help you with any final topics you do not understand

Examination Dates

  • Paper 1:  Influences of operations and HRM on business activity

Friday 24 May 2019 (am) 1hr 45 mins (90 marks)

  • Paper 2:  Influences of marketing and finance on business activity

Tuesday 4 June 2019 (pm) 1hr 45 mins (90 marks)


Please make the most of the support that is being provided to you.  With hard work and revision, there is no reason why all of you cannot achieve your target grades!

Every single student who attended 80% of revision sessions over the past 5 years has gone on to achieve an A*- C and our A*/A candidates have attended the majority of my after-school classes.  The message is simple- HIGH QUALITY REVISION WORKS!

Good luck!

For a full list of Topics in each revision session, please see the full article here:- 


Mr K Abbott
Assistant Principal & Business Studies

Year 9 Curriculum Pathways Process 2018-19
Year 9 is a very important time as the following 3 years of the curriculum will lead to a range of qualifications at the end of Year 11.

These GCSE qualifications will enable students to progress on to further courses in our Sixth Form or College Courses. It is vital that correct choices are made.
The particular combination of courses followed by a student during Years 10 to 11 is called a Learning Pathway.
It is an exciting time!

Our aim is to ensure that all students are on GCSE courses that:-

  • they know they can do well in
  • are studying subjects they enjoy  
  • reflect their interests and personal qualities
  • helps them to learn in the best way for each individual
  • keeps options open for the future

Important Date in the Process:



We wish all our Year 9 students a productive time in researching and choosing their Pathways to Success.   

Mrs H Boughton
Assistant Principal

English trip to Macbeth
Going to see a live Shakespeare play is not every student’s cup of tea.

However, any Shakespeare expert will tell you that seeing a live performance is the best possible way of getting to grips with a play, especially if you’re studying it for GCSE exams.
The English Department, therefore, took a mixture of Year 9, 10 and 11 students to see the National Theatre’s new production of Macbeth at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal on 24 January. For many students, visiting an historic theatre like this is itself an education: our balcony seats (binoculars £1) were extremely high up, affording almost a bird’s-eye view of the stage as well as the grand interior of the building itself.
The production was pacey and at times offered a new perspective on the tragic hero himself. The characters of Fleance, Ross and the Murderer were all played by females. Lady Macbeth, a flaming redhead with an icy voice, was the stand out lead; Macbeth himself comparatively low key.
Our students were outstandingly well-behaved and were treated to Mrs Willoughby’s expert ‘tour guide’ patter over the coach microphone. Nottingham is a great city and we all enjoyed the wait for the coach in the city centre as the place seemed to come to life.

We won’t mention standing at the wrong bus stop for half an hour!



Mr K Billson
Teacher of English

Year 11 English Revision
As you may be aware, your child will soon be undertaking four Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs) in English Language and English Literature.

These examinations are very important at this stage in their GCSE course; your child’s results will inform us how we can best support them in reaching their full potential for the upcoming summer exams (which will begin 15th May 2019).

In order to support your child and their progress, the English department are continuing to offer weekly revision sessions between February and April, focussing on a range of skills to improve performance.  We would welcome your support in encouraging your child to attend one of the following open revision sessions on a weekly basis

  • Monday 3.15 – 4.15 (1U12) 
  • Wednesday 1.35 – 2.05 (1U14 - Bring lunch)


Additionally, in order to support students who are targeted a Level 8/9 there will be an additional revision class available by invitation only (please see Mrs Willoughby for details).

We hope you will support us in encouraging them to attend.

Mrs C Willoughby
Head of English

Student of the Month: January
Each month each Faculty and Departments around the school nominate one student for student of the month.

This can be for a student who has particularly achieved well, been helpful, made fantastic progress, impeccable manners, shown a high effort level.


Well done to the following students.             

Excellence House:

  • Emily Knox – Head of House AWARD
  • Olivia Campbell  - Business AWARD
  • Amy Hunter  - Business AWARD
  • Joseph Edwards Yr7  - Reception Team AWARD
  • Greta Skipainite – History AWARD
  • Safiya Javid – Well-Being AWARD
  • Lauren Tyler- History AWARD
  • Jack Poulter – ART AWARD


  • Hannah Sadiq Yr10 – Business AWARD
  • Emily Shadwell  Yr 8 -HEAD of HOUSE AWARD
  • Johnathan Toma Yr11 – PE AWARD
  • Jamal Shenille Yr 11 – English AWARD
  • Austeja Balcetyte – Yr 7 Head of Year AWARD
  • Tuana Egeli Yr8 – Leadership Team AWARD


  • Katie Pedley Yr13 – Performing Arts AWARD
  • Emily Keating Yr 9 – Head of House AWARD
  • Jemma Thompson Yr11 -  IT AWARD
  • Brandon Blake Yr9 – IT AWARD
  • Joshua Bailey yR11 – Geography AWARD
  • Abigail Miller Yr10 – Business AWARD
  • Charlize Miller Yr10 – Business AWARD
  • Charlotte Cartwright Yr13 – Languages AWARD
  • Lana Smith Yr9 – Maths AWARD
  • Olivia Gee – Head of Year 7 AWARD


  • Angelina Renda – Head of Sixth Form AWARD
  • Ewan Humberston Year 11 – Head of House AWARD
  • Tristian Rainsford – Year 8 – Geography AWARD
  • Ben Wright Yr13 – Business AWARD
  • Louise Badanza Yr13 – Languages AWARD
  • Riley Essex – Yr 9 – CAREERS AWARD
  • Liam Roberts Yr 13 – Business AWARD
  • Melda Ahmed Yr 8 – leadership Team AWARD


Mrs J Purdy
Extended Leadership Team

Volunteer Police Cadets
The Peterborough Volunteer Police Cadets are recruiting

If you are a student from year 8 upwards, that would be interested in applying to become a Volunteer Police Cadet, please go to the following website, Here, you will be able to access relevant information on the role, responsibilities and benefits of becoming a Police Cadet, along with details of how to apply.  

Vanessa Skinner
Peterborough Volunteer Police Cadets

Year 11 Science Revision Work
You may have noticed over the last few weeks that Mr Mantell has set work for everyone in Y11 to complete.

He is setting work on a regular basis to aid Y11s with their revision. On-going revision is important as it is proven to be the best way to retain the information you need to succeed in your exams. 

The work is detailed on Connect, with the log in and password you need to access the work. If you have any problems with this please see your Science teacher. Please do this to the best of your ability and repeat tasks as necessary.

Mrs K Young
Science KS4 Coordinator

Young Enterprise Update
We have a long and proud tradition of running the Young Enterprise programme within our Business Faculty.

Over the past decade our teams have regularly swept away the local competition, with four of our past five teams being named Peterborough Champions and last’s year team, Dynasty, coming 3rd in the UK National Final.  Our 2018/19 team is called Novus and once more I am being supported by retired corporate executive Ray Rankmore who is again acting as the team’s Business Advisor.  After Managing Director Emily Costello introduces the company, I’ll share some superb news with you regarding Novus’s results at recent trade fairs.


Mr Abbott
Assistant Principal

Introducing Novus and our ‘Monster Makeover’ kits
Our Young Enterprise group - Novus- consists of 14 individuals from Year 12 who have a passion for business and helping the environment.

We dedicate our spare time to looking at ways to make a difference towards the overwhelming issue of plastic waste, which is polluting our planet.  Together we have developed a product that focuses on reducing plastic waste, educating children on recycling and growing vegetables alongside creating a fun and creative activity. We call this product ‘Monster Makeover’.


Inside our 100% recyclable/re-useable kit, we provide a re-purposed milk bottle that is transformed into a monster-themed plant pot; this is how we contribute in the war against single use plastics.  Alongside the plant pot is a strip of paint pots, a paint brush, a marker pen, cress seeds and googly eyes.  The entire kit is priced at just £5, providing excellent value for money!  We would love it if you could support our social media accounts and follow our progress

Facebook – NovusYE18

Twitter - @NovusYE2018

Instagram - @novus_2018

Our website –

We would like to thank the staff and lower school students for their continued support with providing milk bottles.  You can purchase our products via our website and we will provide free delivery within 3 miles of the school.  With the help of our customers and support from our peers we can really make a difference!


Emily Costello
Managing Director, Novus

Novus win back-to-back trade fair prizes and named Best Company
I’m sure you will agree that Novus are tackling one of the biggest issues facing modern society with an innovative and original product.

It’s not just me saying this- business judges at Young Enterprise trade fairs in Milton Keynes and Hampton were in full agreement and over the past month have recognised the student’s efforts and awarded the company a number of prizes.

Milton Keynes


On Sunday 20 January Novus attended their second trade fair and the first where they were ready to launch the ‘Monster Makeover’ kit. Trading in the busy Centre: MK shopping centre the students took on teams from Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Essex.  The product sold well with £60 generated in sales and the judges awarded Novus the 1st Prize in the Best Trade Stand category.  An excellent start for the team!



Hampton, Peterborough


The Peterborough Trade fair was once again hosted by Serpentine Green shopping centre in Hampton.  Nearly all Peterborough schools were represented plus visiting teams from St Neots and Huntingdon.  Once again the product sold well but more impressively, Novus won both of the main prizes on offer.  Judges from Vodaphone and Serpentine Green awarded Novus Best Trade Stand and Best Overall Company, plus a £75 cash first prize

Next up is the team’s Valentine’s Disco on Valentine’s Day itself, before they head off to trade at the Grafton Centre in Cambridge on the 30th of March.  Watch this space and check out the team’s social media accounts for news of their future successes!



Mr K Abbott
Assistant Principal

Attitude to Learning Reports

Attitude to Learning Reports are being distributed via email today (Friday 8th Feb) - Please look out for them in your inbox

Mr P Swift
Assistant Principal

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