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Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 28/06/2019
KSCS Newsletter June 28th 2019
Introduction photo
Message from the Principal

Graduation Day

With a sense of pride, staff and the Year 11 students celebrated their achievements in style, marking the end of up to five years of study with us.  Whilst we are proud that the majority will remain with us, it was a special event to acknowledge their achievements and to thank a wide range of staff for their contribution in making this happen.

For more photos,  please see our Facebook gallery here

Alumni congratulations - Hussein Vanparekh

Hussein Vanparekh, a former student of our school from 2008 until 2015, has contacted us to share the good news of him receiving a 1st class Honours Degree in Politics and Economics from Aston university.  Well done to Hussein and to his family!  We wish him well in his future and hope he will come back to support us in the near future.

Farewell - Mr Melvyn Thompson

On 5 June 1997, Mr Melvyn Thompson joined Ken Stimpson Community School.  Quiet and unassuming, he has amazingly been with us for over 4,000 working days; a total of 22 years of service to the school, ensuring that the school campus has remained clean and tidy every day. Sadly, on Friday we said our farewells to Melvin. School life is not going to be the same. Just like the busy bee that gets on with their work and efficiently completes it, that is Melvyn. With a no fuss attitude and supreme effort, he has enriched the school in his own way by the work he has tirelessly carried out over the last 22 years.  We wish to thank Melvyn for his contribution to KSCS and a wonderful next stage of his life.

Uniform reminder – Five point guidance

  • Shirt and tie is a compulsory combination from September. (Students may adopt this at any time prior to the new school year). Shirts must be tucked in at all times, shirt buttons must be done up to the top and the tie must be neatly tied. (ITServices : photos of good examples here please).  
  • If students attend without their tie, they will need to wear a loan tie or they will be isolated.
  • Blazers (if purchased) must be worn at all times and only removed at the discretion of the teacher and social times.
  • Existing knitwear (cardigan/ V neck jumper) is allowed. The knitwear will eventually have the new KSCS branding.
  • Polo shirts are not allowed from September.  

Post16 students will be expected to follow a dress code. The standard is as follows:-

  • You are at the top of the school and have a responsibility to set an example to others.
  • Taking care with your appearance goes hand in hand with taking care in your work.
  • This is a place of work and you should dress appropriately. “Dress smart, think smart!”

Please follow these simple rules

Remember, if in doubt - Don't wear it!

Please note:-

  • The decision for whether clothing/jewellery is appropriate rests with staff.
  • Those students who are not adhering to the Post 16 dress code will be asked to go home to change.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • Absences will be classed as unauthorised and may result in you being asked to pay for your exam entry.

Examples of students in suitable Post 16 dress

End of term arrangements

Please note that we will conclude this academic year on Thursday 18 July at 12:45pm.  There will be no break 2 lunch offered, but students will be able
to receive a break 1 provision between 11.05 and 11.30am.

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Year 8 Pathways Update
Students in Year 8 will receive their pathways curriculum letters next week.

We aim to distribute these through tutors at a registration session. In the letter is a link to a short feedback survey (Which can also be found here: should you wish to share any thoughts with us regarding this process.

Mr P Swift
Assistant Principal

Our final Student of the Month for the Academic Year 2018 - 19!
Faculty and Departments around the school nominate students for 'Student Of The Month'.

This can be for a student who has particularly achieved well, been helpful, made fantastic progress, impeccable manners or shown a high effort level.
Well done to the following students for June Student of the Month Awards.        

  • Head of House Success – Marshall Reddington 
  • Head of House Excellence – Jakub Coric and Brandon Binyon 
  • Head of House Integrity – Eden Brown 
  • Head of House Aspire – Jakub Balcerzak
  • Year 7 Award - Lillie-Rose Goodrum 
  • P16 Award – Chloe Brown 
  • IT – Mia Gent 
  • Construction – Jun Jie Weng 
  • PE - Karolina Ragukaite 
  • Art - Luiza Kekus, Oliver Barden and Connie Baxter 
  • Performing Arts - Paige Posnett, Emily Shadwell and Emily Richardson 
  • Well Being - Amaris Wogan, Lily Lethbridge, Stuart Booth, Safiyah Javed, Jake Forrest, Charlotte Sarro, Jorja Bettany.
  • MFL – Oliver Candy 
  • Humanities - Alisha Mazunder, McKenzie Britton, Daniel Wright 
  • English - Kira Horsfall, Holly Banister, Dylan McIlroy, Keisha Avis, Angelina Renda and Amelia Abrahams
  • Reception Team Award  - Sara Indulska 
  • Careers Award - Morgan Abbott 
  • Maths – Holly Banister and Mason Fox 
  • Science – Sean Gear, Netania Wogan and Carmele Spencer.
  • Health and Social Care – Morgan Abbott 
  • Business - Jayden Cox, Jodie Fletcher, Rebecca Barber, Daniel Roly, Weronika Pilszak, Elise Ward, Michael Martin, Archie Makepeace-Beach and Harrison Skinner
  • Leadership Team Award – Madeea Riaz 
For more photos, please see our Facebook gallery here

Mrs J Purdy
Extended Leadership Team

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