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Amazing what a difference new school is making. 11yo beat her expected target in a science test by 4 'grades' - want to hug @ks_school staff
- Parent
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Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 22/03/2019
KSCS Newsletter March 22nd 2019
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Message from the Principal
It is always pleasing to share with you the rich and diverse range of activities that take place during the school week.

Typically the newsletter has space to report up to a quarter to a half of the activities that go on.  It shows we are really enriching our students with opportunities to learn both in and outside the classroom.

E-safety awareness should always be on our minds, whether you are a student, parent/carer or as school staff.  It is a wonderful asset but beholden with potential risks.  This week I wish to share with you some guidelines about the use of Instagram and what to look out for when your child is using this very popular social media resource.

I hope you find it useful.  I certainly did when checking my own children’s social media accounts!

Instagram Guidelines

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

The Dorset Walk
The Malcolm Whales Foundation is hosting it’s 10th annual Dorset Walk this year, which will be taking place on Thursday 11 July – Monday 15 July.

I would like to invite ALL students and parents to come into school for a meeting so that I can explain the details, give out important information and give you the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the walk – whether you have signed up or not.

The last 10 years have been amazingly successful and we have managed to raise nearly £180,000. The number of walkers has increased steadily over time, with 165 people across different schools participating last year.  So far, we have had a good turn out with 37 students already signing up to participate – and there’s still room for more to join!

During the meeting I will be able to share the experience and the photos from previous years and I will also be able to talk through some of the ways in which we plan and have been able to spend the money over the years too.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 26 March, at 6pm in 5L22. Please could you let us know if you’re attending, either by email (c.jones [at] ()) or calling the school on 01733 765950.

Thank you

Mr Whales
Vice Principal

Easter revision sessions
Staff at KSCS have kindly offered to provide the following revision sessions over the Easter holidays. Please encourage your child to attend and make the most of every opportunity.
Comic Relief Fundraising Day.
On Friday 15 March, Ken Stimpson put on a variety of fundraising activities to raise awareness and money for Comic Relief.

Students wore their own clothes, there was a lower school dance off in the dance studio, basketball games in the sports hall and Mrs Surman's class organised a pizza and movie afternoon, all for this fantastic cause. It was a delight to be part of the organising team for this and to see the students understanding and empathy for others shine through.

In total we raised a massive £885.32. 

Thank you to all parents/carers that supported this.

Mrs L Bamber
Head of Faculty, Art and Design

Student of the month awards
Earlier in the week the following students celebrated their success of being student of the month in the following subjects:

DANCE - Brynn Eccleston
COVER SUPERVISOR - Nedas Genevicius
KS3 SCIENCE - Molli Tilney and Olivia Gee
KS4 SCIENCE - Aimee Robbins, Anastasija Bogdanova, & Jemma Thompson
Aspire Head of House Award - Malaika Rasul
MATHS - Jayden Scott
GEOGRAPHY - Jayden Stacey

PE - Anais James
WELL BEING - Joseph Edwards
SCIENCE - Holly Banister
EXCELLENCE Head of House Award - Adam Culleton
KS3 MATHS – Paige Posnett
LEADERSHIP TEAM KS4 - Greta Skipinaite

DANCE - Airijus Jomantas
Integrity Head of House Award - Kelsey Mitchell
KS4 SCIENCE - Kira Horsfall & Leo Whiteman-King
MFL – Sophie Pluck
LEADERSHIP TEAM – Sarah Greensmith
A2 GEOGRAPHY – Angie-Li Williams
KS3 English – Luca Scialla-Cooper
DRAMA - Carly Cook

SUCCESS Head of House Award - Alexander Bennett
KS3 SCIENCE - Austeja Balcetyte
KS4 BUSINESS - Louie Bradley
KS4 SCIENCE - Michaela Bogdanova
KS3 SCIENCE - Amelia Demkiewicz
P16 & Maths – Deryn Williams
GEOGRAPHY – Jade Boyle
HISTORY- Krisha Kukaneswaran
HOY 7 - Ella Hydon-Abbott
ART – Daniel Wright
ENGLISH – Ewan Duke

Mrs J Purdy
Extended Leadership Team

Year 11 Science News
By now the majority of Y11 students should have had their Science PPE papers back and reviewed them.

Many students have good reason to feel more confident for the summer exams. This exercise is essential in allowing students to ascertain their areas of strength and weakness and help them make a directed plan for their personal revision. If students feel they need help with revision planning they should have a chat with their Science teacher.

Please remember that we are offering help with revision on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays after school and that the homework set by Mr Mantell on ActiveLearn (detailed on Connect) is also another form of revision. Please see your teacher if you have any trouble accessing any of the resources mentioned here. 

Be proactive and keep going!

Mrs K Young
Science Key Stage 4 Coordinator

Year 11 Maths Newsletter
Students have completed their PPEs and now the focus is on closing the gap on areas they are unsure of or making mistakes on.

All the students scores for individual questions will be uploaded to the PiXL Maths App which will help staff and students identify areas of weakness. Students should be revising SMART, using their PLCs to specifically target their individual areas for improvement. This can be done using the multiple resources they have access to, including packs that were given to them either at the core subject evening or by their class teachers. The PiXL Maths App points were reset on Monday morning and at the same time every week I will be taking a snap shot to see who has been using it most effectively and allocating prizes for the week.

Maths academic catch up continues to run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for all years. As well as all Maths staff taking revision sessions, I am in 3U23 on each of these days to help students with areas they are struggling with on the PiXL Maths App. 

Every week I continue to send out 'The Final Countdown', resources that students can use at home, since there are only 29 teaching days to the first summer exam and revising gradually is much more effective than last minute cramming. Using the countdown alongside the PiXL Maths App and other revision resources will really make the difference to closing the gap on areas students still have issues with. Please find attached week 5 of the new for 2019 extra questions students can do at home with the support of parents as mark schemes and examiners reports are also attached. These are now split into two types of questions, one designed for foundation students aiming for a grade 4 or 5 and the new one for higher tier students aiming for grades 6 to 9. 

One area that continues to frustrate me is the fact that students throw away silly marks due to either not having the right equipment or not knowing how to use it correctly. A cause of this issue for some is they do not bring the equipment to school with them every day to learn how to use it. If students do not have the correct equipment it can now be purchased using the school ParentPay system. Pencil cases with all essential equipment (pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, protractor and compass) are available for £3.00 and scientific calculators for £7.00 each.

Revision guides are also available in school at cost price, saving you more than 50% on the rrp. There are 3 books at £2.50 each and an answer book for £1. Please see your class teacher, Miss Harvey, or Mr Donnelly if you have paid for them through ParentPay. 

Part 5 Final Countdown Crossover -  Mark Scheme

Part 5 Final Countdown Crossover - Questions

Part 5 Final Countdown Higher - Mark Scheme

Part 5 Final Countdown Higher - Questions


Mr L Donnelly
Head of Mathematics/Numeracy across the curriculum Co-ordinator

Every Thursday a small group of students take part in an outdoor learning course, run by the local charity Froglife.

This is a brilliant opportunity to learn more about our local wildlife and of course a great chance to explore! 
Last week's nature walk was an adventure, with the students covering around 2.5 miles traversing woodland, ponds and hillocks.

These are some photos from the walk around Hampton Nature reserve.

The students really enjoy the opportunity to explore the environment, they even spotted a deer in the woods!

Mr Hill
Teaching Assistant

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