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£1431 is the final sum raised @ks_school for #comicrelief. Well done KSCS students and staff.
- @ks_principal
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Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 25/01/2019
KSCS Newsletter January 25th 2019
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Message from the Principal
Tick Tock - Time Is Ticking Away With only 12 weeks to the Public Examinations for Year 11, some Year 12 and Year 13 students, the agenda is now about how we and, more importantly, the students arefocusing on making not only everyday count but every hour of each working day pay off. We will be enhancing our pre-examination preparation by teaching how to avoid common mistakes, learning from their tests and honing lessons to closing the gaps. Where I would ask for your support, is ensuring your child has an organised programme of revision and you support them when it may seem too easy to give in. Subject Leaders and staff are on hand to answer any queries you may have. We will also be welcoming a company in on Monday 4 February to support students in organising themselves in the run up to the examinations.

 Post16 Taster Day
Year 11 Students will have undertaken a series of taster sessions this week to help them sharpen their choices regarding courses to be studied at school and also elsewhere. I urge them to share their views of the experiences gained so that they can make a balanced and informed choice about the next steps on their educational career.  Mr Walls, Raising Standards Leader for Post16 (s.walls [at]" previewremoved="true" target="_blank">s.walls [at] is very keen to assist anyone who requires support and guidance in their next steps from September 2019.
Locking up cycles
The school is a community campus and we have a duty to provide public access to the library. If students bring their bicycle to school and fail to lock it up, there will be a large chance that the cycle may be subject to opportunist thieves. Whilst I am so pleased by the number of students cycling to school I urge you to invest in a cycle lock.
If your child forgets their lock or cannot lock their cycle they must place their bike in the compound at the end of the Assembly Hall.
Whilst we constantly work with the Police to make a safer community, the school is not responsible for cycles that are unlocked that may be subject to opportunist theft.

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Visit to Peterborough University Centre
This week selected students from Year 9 had the opportunity to attend an event at Peterborough University Centre.

This was organised by Anglia Ruskin University, aiming to support students with the process of choosing their GCSE options. Local colleges and universities, apprenticeships providers and employers hosted a careers fair to provide the students with the opportunity to focus on their future.  Vivacity also provided students with information on the different volunteering opportunities available locally, which can develop many skills future employers will be looking for. Student ambassadors then gave a valuable insight into university life from a students prospective. 

Mrs Patman & Mrs Ayre


This week congratulations goes to Aspire House as they surge into first place, infact there has been an increase in all House attendance.  Lets keep this up!  We need to continue this trend by ensuring all absence is kept to a minimum, and medical appointments where possible should be held outside of school hours.

""When the world turns upside down, the best thing to do is turn right along with it" Mary Poppins"

Aspire: 94.84%; Excellence: 93.48%; Success: 93.94%; Integrity: 93.82%;

Mrs S Blackledge
Attendance Officer

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