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Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 07/06/2019
KSCS Newsletter June 7th 2019
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Message from the Principal
At this time of year we welcome back former students. It is always wonderful to see how former students grow and mature into various responsible adults with some very impressive qualifications and skills! One of theses students is Isobel Thomson and she is reaching out to parents/carers, staff and students to help with her Masters dissertation.

As year 11 examinations enter the phase of 50+% completion, we are now allowing students to sign in and out when they do not have lessons.  This means they must attend all remaining lessons where an examination/coursework is still to be completed but can leave school at any point after an examination if they do not have lessons to attend.

Finally may I congratulate Cheyanne Ferreday on being one of only 17 young people to be invited to Lilleshall National Sports Centre, as an Archery  Ambassador for GB.  The letter I received states “Cheyanne is a credit to your school” and we wholeheartedly agree!  Staff and Governors are so proud to have so many talented young people in our school and wish to congratulate Cheyanne on her success.


Survey request by Isobel Thomson 
Former student studying a Masters Degree in Psychology at York University.

My name is Isobel Thomson, an ex-Ken Stimpson student (2008-2015). I am currently completing a Masters degree in Psychology in Education at the University of York. For my final dissertation I am exploring age differences in Instagram use and its associations with well-being and self-esteem. Social media, as you know, is a very popular past time for people of all ages, but how it impacts our psychological development is still yet to be known, which is why I am conducting this study.

To do this I am inviting parents, students and staff aged 11-50 years and who use Instagram, to complete a quick survey that will take no more than 10 minutes. If you are aged 16-50 years and would like to complete my survey, you can do so by clicking here. For those of you with children aged 11-15 years who have Instagram and are happy for them to complete the survey, please click here to complete the parent/guardian consent form. Once you have completed the form, your child will be emailed the survey directly to complete. Please understand that none of their identifiable information can be linked to their survey responses in anyway, following GDPR regulations.

The deadline for completion is 21 July 2019, so if you could please complete the parental consent form by 7 July 2019 it would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions you would like to ask, please contact me (ijkt500 [at] ()) and I would be happy to answer.

Year 11 

Parent/Guardian consent form:-


Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Notice of Local Authority Inspection of SEND services
I have received notice that Peterborough City Council SEND service will be inspected during next week (June 10-14)

As part of the inspection, inspectors would like to gather views from parents/carers of all children and young people with SEND or receiving SEN Support. Please find attached the following:
•    Letter from lead inspector to Schools
•    Letter template for all parents / carers of children and young people with SEND/SEN Support

In addition, parents / carers have the opportunity to meet with Ofsted inspectors.  This includes parents and carers of Peterborough children and young with SEND, those receiving SEN support or undergoing a formal assessment .  The local authority are really keen to get a cross section of all parents view on the SEND offer across Peterborough.

The details are:

Date: Tuesday 11th June 2019
Time: 11:45-12:45
Reception Room, Town Hall, Bridge Street, PE1 1HF
Parking: the nearest car park is Car Haven, which is a short stay pay & display (map attached)  

Parents can contact Helen Gregg if they need more information on this session with Ofsted - helen.gregg [at]  

Letter template to parents and carers

Ofsted inspection letter

Mr B Erwin

Mental Well-being Mobile App
More than 1 in 4 students nationally are experiencing some form of mental health problem each year, according to research by the YMCA charity.

In light of this, YMCA have developed a mobile app that young people can download and use to complete relaxation activities, breathing exercises, meditation and mindfulness activities, all of which are proven to help people manage the various pressures of everyday life.

The app usually costs to download however, Ken Stimpson Community School has secured 1000 licences of this app which we are offering to students free of charge. 

To download the app students need to:
1. Visit 
2. Sign up using their school email address and a password of their choice
3. Enter the promo code KSYP19 

If students need any assistance in downloading the app, please speak to Mrs Gregg, Mrs Patman or Mr Swift. Further information on the app can be found at:

A video featuring some of our students at KSCS can be found below.

Video Link


Mr P Swift
Assistant Principal

Pre-exam revision Monday 10 June to Friday 14 June
The following sessions will take place for year 11 and post 16 students next week, immediately prior to their examinations. Please encourage your son/daughter to attend the morning boosters, as it is their last chance to ask subject teachers any remaining questions they may have. Students can also claim their complimentary breakfast between 7.30am and 8am prior to any morning examinations.

Tuesday 11 June
GCSE Maths: Please meet in the canteen at 7.30am 
A2 Computer Science: Please meet in the canteen at 7.30am 
GCSE History : Unit 3 in 3L19 with Ms Hackett, 4U05 with Ms Walker and 3L17 with Ms Nottingham
Wednesday 12 June
A2 Sociology: Please meet in the canteen at 7.30am 
GCSE Science (Combined and Triple): Please meet in the canteen at 7.30am 
A2 Maths : Please meet in 3U08 at 8am
A2 Italian: Please meet in the canteen at 8am 
A2 History: Unit 3 in 3U06 with Mr Devita
Thursday 13 June
GCSE Geography: Please meet in the canteen at 7.30am
A2 French: Unit 3 in 4U12 with Ms Frith
GCSE Statistics: Unit 3 in 3U20 with Miss Harvey 
A2 Geography : Unit 3 in 3L14 with Ms Berry 
Friday 14 June
GCSE Science (Combined and Triple): Please meet in the canteen at 7.30am 
A2 Maths: Unit 3 in 3U08 with Ms Harrison/Mr Corcoran

Miss J Harvey
Assistant Principal

Food Group
We have a regular group of 20 students from Year 7 to 10 who use the canteen facilities to join us once per half term to sample different food ideas.

Afterwards they are asked to give their thoughts and feedback. Paul Newton who is the General Catering Manager for the school also gives the students a chance to win a prize in the canteen.

We met this week to try out a selection of sliders, southern spiced chicken & BBQ sauce, posh fish fingers with lettuce and Mayo  and vegetarian spiced onion bhaji with tomato, cucumber and minted yoghurt. 

The competition question this time was; 'How many main meals (including meal deals) do you think we have served since September 2018 to present? As a clue, it’s between 8000 and 15000'. The actual answer was 11,125 and the nearest student to this was Reagan Peck in Year 7

Well done Reagan!

Mrs N Martin & Mrs A Marttin

Maths Newsletter
Two down, one to go! I echo my advice from after the first exam 'you cannot do anything about what has happened, but you can change what happens in the future!'

Students will have received a predicted paper on Friday afternoon, that highlights areas of the syllabus yet to be tested. They should be working through these papers over the weekend. Teachers will only see the students in lesson on Monday, so SMART revision using the paper as a guide to the topic areas will be key in securing the highest grade possible.  Students can also use their individualised PLCs on the PiXL Maths app to target areas of weakness, using the video tutorials and PowerPoints to help them better understand topics. On the day of the exam everyone is invited to the Maths warm-up session in the morning from 7.30am (remember a free breakfast is also available at this time).  


Maths academic catch up continues to run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for all years. As well as all Maths staff taking revision sessions I am in 3u23 on each of these days primarily helping students with areas they are struggling with on the PiXL Maths app. 

Every week I continue to send out resources students can start using at home called the final countdown. Using the countdown alongside the PiXL Maths app and other revision resources will really make the difference to closing the gap on areas students still have issues with. Please find attached week 14 and 15 of the extra questions students can do at home with the support of parents as mark schemes and examiners reports are also attached. These are now split into two types of questions, one designed for foundation students aiming for a 4 or 5 and the new one for higher tier students aiming for grades 6 to 9. 

Part 14 Questions/Answers

Mr L Donnelly

Activity Day
5 weeks until Activity Day!

Final Balance Payment Deadline Today (7th June!)

Please see your Activity Leader for personalised letters.

Mrs J Purdy

CLEAPPS Radiation Production Supervisor course
On Friday 7 June Ken Stimpson hosted a CLEAPPSS Radiation Production Supervisor course.

Seventeen Science Teachers have signed up to attend this one day course, as they will be responsible for managing the safe storage, use and monitoring of radioactive sources in the Science department.

KSCS is rapidly becoming East Anglia's premier location for delivering quality Teacher and Technician training.

Additional training courses are already planned for the next academic year.

Mr P Meredith
Science Technician

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