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Post 16


Our thriving Post 16 Centre offers a wide range of courses and has a growing reputation as a centre of excellence. Students joining our school at the age of 11 are secure in the knowledge that they can remain here until they are ready to go on to Higher Education or until they feel prepared fully for the world of work. We offer both academic and vocational courses including AS Levels, A Levels, GCSEs, and BTECs. Students are guided onto individual programmes of study to suit their particular needs. Enrichment activities are encouraged and all students have the opportunity to improve their Key Skills.

The feedback we receive from students is extremely positive. They enjoy the challenges and the opportunities that such collaboration brings. Our young people are well-informed about appropriate progression opportunities, ambitious in their plans and discerning in their choices for Post 16.
We are proud to say that all those students who wish to enter our Post 16 Centre are welcomed, regardless of their academic achievements, and we cater for all levels of ability.
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