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Amazing what a difference new school is making. 11yo beat her expected target in a science test by 4 'grades' - want to hug @ks_school staff
- Parent
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What will I learn?
  • To develop an interest and enthusiasm for language learning, to develop understanding of the language in a variety of contexts and genres
  • communicate confidently, clearly and effectively in the language for a range of purposes
  • develop awareness and understanding of the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of countries or communities where the language is spoken
  • consider the study of the language in a broader context


  • Youth culture and concerns
  • Lifestyle, health and fitness
  • The world around us
  • Education and employment

Linked subtopics

  • Youth culture and concerns (Music, Fashion, Technology, Relationships)
  • Lifestyle, health and fitness (Sport, Diet, Health issues)
  • The world around us (Travel, Tourism, Environmental issues, the Italian speaking world)
  • Education and employment (School, Higher Education, Student issues, Unemployment)
Who Can Do It?

GCSE Italian students, confident/fluent speakers of Italian.

What can I do next?
  • A2 Italian
  • Languages degree course
  • Degree course with languages option/component
  • Apply for a wider variety of jobs in the UK and abroad.


 1-2 Years
AS Italian
Entry Requirements:
6 A* - C graded GCSEs, GCSE Italian Grade B and above

Ken Stimpson Community School
Staniland Way
(Sat Nav users: PE4 6WR)