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Amazing what a difference new school is making. 11yo beat her expected target in a science test by 4 'grades' - want to hug @ks_school staff
- Parent
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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Aspects at KSCS

Spaghetti Bridge Building

New intake students from Year 6 had 25 mins to build a bridge strong enough to hold 200g.

There were three categories:

1 a 20 cm gap between tables. (2cm shorter than the spaghetti)

2 a 30cm gap

3 best designed

Students given only elastic bands, spaghetti and sellotape


Prospective Year 6 students on new intake day.


Aspect of SMSC

Social Development

Reason for event

Provided prospective students with the opportunity to explore mathematics through problem solving and bridge building encouraging teamwork 

Ken Stimpson Community School
Staniland Way
PE4 6JT (Sat Nav users: PE4 6WR)