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Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 12/05/2017
KSCS Newsletter May 12th 2017
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Message from the Principal

“Can we have more opportunities to be interviewed – I realise there is difference between school and business life”
“I was praised for my good eye contact”
“My interviewer commented on my positive body language”

These are only three comments from a raft of overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Year 10 Work skills business interview morning.  Many business representative gave up their time to interview the whole year group and the feedback was very positive.  Students appreciated being introduced to the inevitable process of being interviewed for a position of employment.  Mrs Ayre, Mrs Gregg, and Mrs Patman, together with the Skills Service in Peterborough,  made sure the event was another diamond learning experience for our students, connecting school life with the next phase of their journey.  Thank you to the staff all involved.


Year 8 and 10 subject evenings

We look forward to meeting many of your next week for the Year 8 subject evening on Tuesday 3.30 -4.45pm and Wednesday 4.00 -7.00pm. If you have not made an appointment with your child’s subject teacher then please click here.

The Year 10 subject evening booking system will become live today; communication will be sent home.  Where possible, I do encourage you to attend as it is an excellent way to engage in your child’s progress and is a major catalyst in helping them to move forward.

Communication and the appointments booking system will go live for the Year 7 subject evening on 7 June by the end of this week.

Looking ahead – September 2017

“What got us here, will not necessarily get us to where we want to be.”  As a school, we have been busy reviewing what we do and towards where we need to move. Change should be about improvement and I believe the two areas that I will introduce will improve the school as we move forward.

60 minute lessons

Following the Parents Forum on Wednesday, I am formally announcing that we will move to a revised lesson structure from September, 2017.  We will have five sixty minute lessons - for the reason of enhancing learning and teaching - and one lesson of pastoral support provision.   

  •          There will be no change to timings of the school day.
  •          Students and staff will have slightly more non-contact time.   
  •          There will be two breaks during the day in which any student will be able to access the same menu of food at either break time.
  •          Only one lesson in the afternoon.
  •          Staff are preparing this term to ensure the extra time per lesson is focused around consolidation, questioning and review to enable even more effective learning environment at our school.


Following feedback from social media, I take the opportunity to make it absolutely clear that the modified uniform (e.g. logo on trousers and skirts) will be compulsory for the incoming Year 7’s.  When existing students wear out of their uniform, we will expect the skirts and trousers to be replaced with the new logo embossed ones.

  • You will be able to order through their website on and have the uniform delivered directly to your home or visit the store at Chroma Sport Unit 10, Wulfric Square, Bretton, Peterborough Cambridgeshire PE3 8RF.

And finally from me

Next week, I will explain the enhancements to the vertical tutoring system which has served so well over the last seven years. I wish to end this week’s Principal’s section by acknowledging the contribution from such a wide range students in all aspects of school life.  I am so proud of their role in the development of school.  May I pay particular tribute to the students whom I worked with this week in setting up Student well-being Ambassadors scheme.  They have a very exciting plan to help and support fellow students with the aid of some very dedicated members of staff.  More to follow as their plans will come to fruition...

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Year 8 Football v City of Peterborough Academy
Monday of this week saw the Year 8 football team take on COPA for a place in the cup semi finals and hopes were high after a great victory in the last round. This fixture proved to be a more challenging tie and playing into a blustery wind made the first half difficult.

After a cagey start COPA managed to to break the deadlock with a well taken opportunity. This seemed to rally the team and they worked hard to battle for the equaliser. It was still 1-0 at half time but the team remained confident and focused with the wind at their backs for the second half. It didn't look to be our day as we hit the post and had a penalty saved but with 4 minutes remaining Ethan Camfield bundled the ball in after a corner. With extra time looming Ken Stimpson pressed for the winner and constant pressure saw William Barfield score in the last minute and through to the next round. This was a superb performance and, although there were some fine individual performances, everyone in the squad showed great determination and resilience to keep battling. Well done all involved - the next round is Thursday 18 at Thomas Deacon Academy for a place in the final.


Squad - Callum Kerr Gray, Calum Meneely, Jakub Szreder, Kye Compton, Conor Clarke, Archie Makepeace-Beach, Ethan Camfield, Muhammed Mushtaq, Ryan Goodes, William Barfield, Naseebullah Hotaki, Luke Cogings, Marcel Lacko.


Mr Walls
Raising Standards Leader Post 16

Year 10 Football
Having had their winter break, the Year 10 Football team travelled to March to take on Neale Wade in the Semi Final of the Peterborough Schools Cup after eliminating Jack Hunt previously A tactical decision to play an anchor man against the wind in the first half seemed to had paid off, with some great defending. However Neale Wade secured a 1-0 halftime lead thanks to a stunning freekick

With the wind behind the boys in the second half, KSCS pressed forwards and were rewarded when a shot from Zach Findley crept past the unsighted keeper. Ken Stimpson were then awarded a penalty courtesy of a handball in the area. Bradley Simpson duly accepted the honour and delivered. However such was the response from Neale Wade, that within sixty seconds they were level. 

The score finished 2-2 which meant extra time. With the boys starting to feel the strains, tactical decisions were made, and playing against the strong winds needed focus. The boys held out for the first half of extra time. The second half was a different story. Despite several players playing through injuries a change of tactics saw Ken Stimpson score a further three goals, Simpson 2 (1 pen) and Findley, with Neale Wade only managing one in reply. The result was a 5-3 win for Ken Stimpson.

They now take on Hampton in the final.

Team: Scialla-Cooper, Driscoll-Freeman, Akinsanya (Man of the Match) Whybrow, James, Freestone, Britton, Barben (c) Findley, Bishop, Simpson, Crowson, Clarke, Skinner.

Mr Hughes
Teacher of PE

GCSE Resistant materials

Our fantastic year 11’s have just completed their wonderful projects for GCSE Resistant materials, they all have worked incredibly diligently and are justly proud of their outcomes.

I hope that all students enjoyed working on their projects and feel inspired and positive about the potential of following a career in the technologies.




Mr Breen
Subject leader resistant materials and construction

Maths Revision
With 13 days until the first maths exams students should be continuing to use the attached countdown, alongside Hegarty and other revision resources this will really make the difference to closing the gap on areas students still have issues with.

Please find attached (in the letters home section) week 11 of the extra questions students can do at home with the support of parents as mark schemes and examiners reports are also attached. Every week I will continue to attach five topics that regularly appear on examinations, there is also a Personal Learning Checklist so students can track what they feel they have mastered and what they need more help on. This can be used alongside Hegarty maths which has video tutorials to help students understand topics.

Extra revision classes will run every Monday lunchtime in 3U22 for all year 11s.

Targeted revision classes for specific groups will take place after school as follows: 

  • A1/B1 Mondays (CTK),Thursdays (JHY/NBN)
  • A2/B2 Mondays (CTK),  Thursdays (THN)
  • A3/B3 Mondays (LDY), Wednesday (NBN) Thursdays (JCA)
  • A4 Mondays (CTK), 
  • B4 Mondays (ICC) and also Tuesday to Friday lunchtimes with (ICC)

On sale now, new specification revision resources at under half of the retail price. Revision guides £2.50 Revision Workbooks £2.50 (answers books £1) and Past papers books £2.

Mr Donnelly
Mathematics KS3 Coordinator


This week Aspire continue to hold first place with attendance. Our target to aim for is 96.5% so we still need to make the most of the time we have left of this academic year. For our Year 11 students every day really does matter to make the most of your school time before the Exam season which starts in earnest on 15.05.17. Please ensure students arrive at least 20 minutes before their exam. We shall endeavour to ensure full attendance, if students are ill then a medical certificate is required.

Sharon Blackledge
KSCS Attendance Officer

Attendance stats

10 things needed for exams: 1. Being on Time 2. Work Ethic 3. Effort 4. Equipment 5. Energy 6. Attitude 7. Passion 8. Being Coach-able 9. Doing Extra 10. Being Prepared

What's happening at KSCS?
Events and visits in the school over the next fortnight:
Monday 15/05/2017
A2 Drama Trip Woyzeck
GCSE/GCE Exams Begin
Tuesday 16/05/2017
Year 8 Vaccinations
Year 8 Progress Evening 3.40-4.45 p.m
Wednesday 17/05/2017
Year 8 Vaccinations
Year 8 Progress Evening 4.00-7.00 p.m
Wednesday 24/05/2017
Year 10 Progress Evening 4.00-7.00 p.m
Thursday 25/05/2017
Year 12 NHS Discovery Day
Friday 26/05/2017
Break up Half Term
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