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English Language (Core)

Compulsory, Pathways Block 2 3
Assessment: Exam 100%
Head of Faculty: Mr M. Tingle

In English Language students will develop and improve their ability to respond to texts. This involves commenting upon, evaluating and analysing language and structure used by writers to create effect. They will also develop their writing in a variety of styles and purposes, including writing to narrate, describe and argue. There is also a spoken language component, which involves a presentation followed by a discussion. This must be completed to validate the written exams.

Exam Only: AQA Exam Board

Two papers: Each 1 hour 45 minutes (each 50% of exam)
Paper 1: 20th century fiction reading (40 marks) descriptive writing (40 marks)
Paper 2: 19th century text and 20/21st century text: Non fiction (40 marks)

Writing to argue
Students will be requested to write about how writers use language and structure for effect and will be asked to evaluate writers’ methods. They will also be asked to write for a variety of purposes. They will be marked for content, organisation, vocabulary and grammar, including punctuation.

During the spoken language component, students will present a topic of their own choice, which will be followed by a five minute discussion.

Progression to Post 16
The department currently offers English Language at Advanced Level.

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