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Religious Studies

Block 1
Assessment: Exam 100%
Subject Lead: Miss V. Nottingham

This is a new subject that we are offering at GCSE as part of the development of Religious Studies across the school curriculum. This course is open to all, students with faith, students without faith, students that want to discuss philosophical and ethical issues about the world we live in.

The course provides an excellent opportunity to study two major world religions, Christianity and Buddhism to allow you to study two very contrasting religions. There are also four thematic units that focus on issues that impact and influence the modern world. In the thematic unit you will study religious and non-religious viewpoints, so students will have the opportunity to express and debate their views on a wide number of issues. Big topics such as: evolution, abortion, evil, war and pacifism.

Paper 1: Written Exam (Each religion marked out of 48)

The first part of the course focuses on two world religions. You will study their beliefs, teachings and practices.

  • Christianity
  • Buddhism

Paper 2: Written Exam (Each theme is marked out of 24)

The second part of the course focuses on four thematic studies. You will study religious, philosophical and ethical arguments related to the issues raised. It will focus on religious and non-religious perspectives such as atheism and humanism.

  • Relationships and families
  • Religion and life
  • Religion, peace and conflict
  • Religion, crime and punishment

Our aim is to help you become a great RE student who can:

  • Think deeply and reflectively
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Respect other people’s views
  • Resist extremist narratives
  • Use specialist vocabulary
  • Research thoroughly
  • Analyse sources thoughtfully
  • Think critically and use logical reasoning
  • Enjoy finding out about others’ lives and beliefs
  • Asking searching questions

Love a good debate

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