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Sports & Physical Education

Block 3
Assessment: Practical 30% | Written Exams/ Coursework 70%
Head of Faculty: Mr W. Bradley

If you love taking part in different sports and have a keen interest in leading physical activities sessions, then this could be the course for you.

If you are competing in a sport with a club/team on a regular basis, and have a thirst for learning about the physical/psychological factors and the socio-cultural influences that affect sports performance and participation then this course is for you.

Over the duration of the course, students have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge about different types of sport and physical activity, skills development and sports leadership to their own practical performance. They will learn about contemporary issues in sport such as funding, participation, ethics and role models, and sport and the media.

Students explore how parts of the human body function during physical activity and the physiological adaptations that can occur due to diet and training. They also develop skills in data analysis, an understanding of the principles of training, why we train in different ways and how training plans can be made to optimise results.

Students develop their knowledge of the social-cultural and psychological influences on levels of participation in sport and how sport impacts on society more broadly. This includes the individual benefits to health, fitness and well-being of participating in physical activity, as well as the influences of commercialisation, sponsorship and the media.

Students are assessed in performing three practical activities and one performance analysis task. In the practical performance they demonstrate effective performance, the use of tactics or techniques and the ability to observe the rules and conventions under applied conditions. They are also required to demonstrate their ability to analyse and evaluate their own performance to produce an action plan for improvement.

Ken Stimpson Community School
Staniland Way
PE4 6JT (Sat Nav users: PE4 6WR)