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Home–School Partnership

We are committed to having a strong home school partnership with parents and carers. Every child has a tutor responsible for overseeing their care, progress, welfare and guidance. They are supported by a team of staff who work with them to ensure that your child is happy and safe at school and achieves their targets. Each Year team consists of the Learning Coordinator, Assistant Learning Coordinator and tutors.

On some occasions you may want to speak directly with a member of the Year team. In order to support your understanding of who to contact we have outlined below two routes for communicating with school.

When contacting school please call reception on 01733 765950. Our school receptionists will direct your call either to the tutor, Assistant Learning Coordinator or the relevant Learning Coordinator. They will ask you for some basic information:  Name of child /Tutor group / Reason for contacting school


Attendance   Pastoral and Academic
  Level 1   
Truancy calls – an automated call will be sent if your child is not in school and we have not received any contact informing us of their absence.   Learning Coordinators or Assistant Learning Coordinators receive all phone calls related to students’ academic progress and pastoral welfare. Following communication they will then contact the appropriate staff.
  Level 2  
Leadership Team link Attendance Officer: Mrs Wallace oversees whole school attendance and works closely with our attendance officers on priority attendance cases. Please contact when requested or to follow up calls made by Learning Coordinator, Assistant Learning Coordinator.   Learning Coordinators or Assistant Learning Coordinators will follow up on student concerns related to learning and behaviour and will, if appropriate, make arrangements to meet with you to follow up concerns.
  Level 3  
Local Authority Attendance Officer. Works closely with the school on priority attendance cases and attendance referrals.   The Principal of the school or The Leadership Team will follow up on serious student concerns related to learning and behaviour and will contact you directly.

Last Reviewed: 
September, 2016


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