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KSCS Newsletter January 31st 2020
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Message from the Principal
Thank you to parents/carers for supporting our stance on making our uniform exemplary over the last two weeks. Working together on areas of the school that transforms the school from very good to excellent benefits everyone.

Please be assured this is not a phase but a consistent reminder of our high expectations and standards.

Year 11 take their Pre Public Examinations over the next two school weeks. I wish to remind everyone how precious time is. There is less than 13 weeks until the first public examination takes place.  We are delighted with the enhanced uptake of students attending unit 6 lessons (after school Monday to Friday).  Myself and other members of staff are at the gate at the end of the day and explaining the importance of attending, but I would ask if you as a parent/carer could also play your part in checking if they attended after school sessions this week and if not why not?

Finally, Curriculum Day was on Wednesday.  The day focussed on further enhancing our quality of curriculum through initiatives that we hope will enrich our students:

  • Year 7 - Cultural Enrichment and STEM.
  • Year 8 - CEIAG, Global Citizenship and Business Enterprise.
  • Year 9 - STEM & Creative Writing.
  • Year 10 - Health Day 
  • Year 11 - Coursework Catch-up & Well-being. 

I know from first-hand experience that the students welcomed this day and gained from the morning of events.  This is as important as anything else we do to support your child.  May I extend my gratitude to the staff who prepared and took part in these events.  Also, my thanks to the external people who came in to make this happen. 

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Uniform Update
This week we have been working hard to ensure the uniform standards are consistently where they need to be. This has proven to be a great success, with only 15 students on the first day and today only 2 students unable to meet the expected standard.

What has been most appreciated has been the support and speed at which parents have managed to rectify any issues. We understand the pressure this can cause and we thank you for you understanding. 
It is our desire to work with you as parents and we have listened to your feedback and have tried to support families that have required assistance. We have made minor adjustments and clarified a few misunderstandings.  One of these misunderstanding has been girls trousers. Several students are wearing 'ankle grazers', basically girls trousers that show ankles, these are smart and are acceptable. It is only trousers that are cropped or skin tight or Lyrca that are not permitted. 
Alongside this, it seems that some suppliers have 'school wear' sections. I visited one yesterday and there is a range of trousers and skirts that are Lycra and called a 'stretch' design - these are not acceptable even though they are in the school wear section. Trousers and skirts need to be a traditional material, if they are stretchy and skin tight, please consider an alternative design. I appreciate this can be harder than it sounds. 
As stated above, on Friday we had less than 0.5% of students failing to meet the standard. The drive on Standards and Expectations will now continue into all aspects of the school. As ever, the desire to ensure KSCS is working as effectively as possible continues.
Many thanks for your support and positive feedback.

Mr D Whales
Vice Principal

Art Exhibition
This term Art students in year 9 have been developing skills and knowledge in order to support them in their chosen GCSE/vocational courses.

Year 9 Art students have been looking into the theme of Identity.
On Saturday and Sunday, the students had their first Art exhibition at the St John the Baptist Church in the centre of Peterborough.
It was such a pleasure to see their work displayed in such a grand surrounding and be supported by so many students, parents, carers, family and the general public.

Many thanks to the Art Team for making this happen.

Mr I Housley

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