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KSCS Newsletter January 24th 2020
Introduction photo
Message from the Principal
In a short introduction to this week’s newsletter, I will let the photos do the talking.

This term, students in year 9 have been developing skills and knowledge in order to support them in their chosen GCSE/vocational courses.  I was invited to three lunch sessions this week where year 9 students excelled themselves in preparing, cooking and hosting a lunch time menu for a small number of staff.  The students involved deserve a huge amount of credit for their culinary skills but also for the way they worked as a team to produce and serve fantastic mouth-watering recipes.
Later in the week we welcomed 22 Chinese students who are with us for the next three weeks.  They are all being hosted by Post16 students and they are finding out about life in the UK and our British values.
Finally, year 8 students engaged in the Human Utopia project, an all day workshop to foster even better relationships between each another, respect of diversity and a timely reminder about the significance of kindness and how it can make our lives even better.  Thank you to the students and staff for organising these three special events this week.
I am literally stuffed full of food and inspiration.  I hope your son/daughter has come home with a sense of satisfaction from the events within school that they have been involved with.

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

RSPB Big schools
As part of the RSPB's Big Schools' Birdwatch, in Science Club the students have designed and made different bird feeders to try and attract as many different species of bird as possible.

Over the next few days, the students will be recording the birds that they see so that we can submit our findings to the national database!


Miss Davis & Mrs Chalmers

Dance Flash Mob
On Monday 13 January, Year 9 GCSE Dancers performed in a site sensitive environment, Queensgate Shopping Centre.

This was in the style of a Flash Mob, where dancers were 'shopping in selected stores' and then began performing in the middle of Queensgate.  The students were extremely professional, they had never performed in the space before, did not know where their front was, or quite when to start and had much more of an audience as nearby shops had a power cut and all staff and shoppers had to evacuate.  Fantastic team work, enthusiasm and commitment!

Thank you to parents/carers who came to watch and support, Miss Murfitt for video/publicity, Queensgate for accommodating KS dancers and Mr Whales/Bradley for transporting us to the venue.

  • Kalin Morrison
  • Tamera Christie-Bennington
  • Alina Lawrence
  • Alana Miller
  • Barbie Loveridge
  • Evie Hopkins
  • Sinead Watson
  • Lilley Wright
  • Chantellle Wymer
  • Jessica Palmer
  • Amy Ward
  • Anastasija Piekarz
  • Osen Simire
  • Kaden Lawrence
  • Kelsey Mitchell
  • Louisa Taylor-Koers
  • Anna Taylor-Koers
  • Danette Ashun


Miss Barben and I are extremely proud of you all and look forward to your next performance!


Mrs Purdy

Activity Day
Activity Day 2020 Launch is coming...!! - Thursday 9 July, Years 7 - 10
  1. On Monday 27 January the Activity Day 2020 brochure, parental letter and a link to the new online booking system will be emailed and will go Live.  Please ensure the school have all parental/carers correct email addresses.
  2. Students are to pick the one activity they wish to attend and select this activity online by Friday 14 February. Please remember activities are on a first come first served basis and you will not be able to swap after this date.  Some activities are very popular so make sure you go online on Monday 27 January.
  3. How to Pay - On Monday 2 March your allocated activity will open on ParentPay, or you can bring in your cash to the box outside reception, clearly labelled with your name on and what activity it is for.  Some activities require the full amount, some only a deposit - please see the brochure for details.  The deadline for deposits is Monday 16 March, full payment by 31 March.

Try something new, give yourself a challenge!


Mrs Purdy
Extended Leadership Team

Human Utopia
On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have Steve and Diane from Human Utopia visit us to do a one day course with our year 8 students, called 'Who Am I?'

The purpose of this day was to create an unforgettable experience for our young people and to empower them to make good life choices. They were urged to ask themselves how they think they treat each other and how they have been treated themselves. Many of our students were brave enough to stand up and tell their story in front of their peers and there was a lot of emotional responses. Students told how they have been bullied for being gay, different and because of their skin colour. The maturity and sensitivity of our students was outstanding.

There was a lot of fun throughout the day as well. Students split into groups and were asked to get to know each other, for example our last names, when we were born and who was the smallest to the tallest in the group. The last part of the day, year 8 were asked to write down three changes they wanted to make and five dreams they had for the future. A lot of the students volunteered to read out their changes and it was a pleasure to watch them becoming so confident. 

A big thank you to all our post 16 students who gave up their time to help out on the day. You were all fantastic and really got involved. Thank you to all the staff who helped out to make this a really great experience.


Mrs S Brackenbury

Student Acknowledgement


Year 10

Lewis Andrews, Georgina Bamforth, Grace Bradley, James Donovan, Stanley Galloway, Imaan Nassan, Joshua Hill, Zainab Iqbal, Sadie Lewis, Minija Narbutaite, Amber Smith, Charlie Starkey, Jake Syddell, Emily Unger.

All the above students achieved fantastic end of topic ecosystem results

Year 11
Roy Loasby, Cameron Gater-Condon and Lily Rosser for continuous hard work in Geography

Year 9
Jakub Coric, Gerda Vilcinskaite and Cai Clapham for working hard and contributing to the lesson 

Oliver Barden gaining a grade 8 in his first GCSE Geography year 9 test

Megan Richardson for her fantastic and consistent effort in Geography

Year 8
Ashton Hoskins, Oliver Candy, Mateusz Maziarz and Alisha Mazumder for contributing to the lesson and working hard 

Valin Murthwaite for his enthusiasm in learning how a stack forms in Geography

Austeja Balcetyte for her brilliant knowledge and effort in Geography

Kieran Nicholls for working very hard in lessons

Year 7 
Krystian Cuipa for going above and beyond in a recent Geography assessment by completing extra research at home 
Kamilija Kutkaite for consistently attending Geography club after school on Thursday's since September 


Year 11
Lucy Spires- consistent hard work in Maths. Striving to achieve her best every lesson. 

Year 9
Daisy Blakemore-Creedon- working hard in Statistics, completing work to a high standard and striving achieve the best results.


Year 8

Izzie Saville, Corey Ulliott Esteves, Danny Ayres

All helped with the Nitter Natter group in the library, excellent customer service and manners to the public 

Chloe Rathor for supporting students in school.

The following P16 students for being fantastic heroes this week, helping with the Human Utopia Event:

Tyler Baxter, Mary Fountain, Caroline George, Chloe Merritt, Laiba Imran, Michaela Zigova, Anastasija Bogdanova, Chloe Rayment, Hannah Smith, Bethan Smith, Colleen Casey, Faye Greenaway, Jemma Thompson, Hollie Orbell, Brooke Machin, Maria Balde, Jasmine Smith

Year 7

Gabriel Dudenaite – excellent connect points and attitude to learning

Kamron Peters - Excellent attitude in lessons and really engaged

Macy  Beddows - Outstanding work in lessons and a role model to others

Travel and Tourism

Year 10

Brian Thorpe for helping other students and setting a fantastic exampl.



Year 10
Ryan Johnson for always challenging himself in lessons and producing some well thought out and creative scenes. He will always give constructive feedback in lesson. An excellent start to his Acting for the Camera module.


Year 9
Saffron Roly and Daisy Morgan Smith for their excellent work in woodwork today.
They have both worked really well and paid particular attention to detail and quality in their projects.

Tyrell Cambridge and Tristan Rainsford for their excellent attitude to work.


Year 11 students for their continued positive contribution to lesson and hard work: -

Roy Loasby,Jakub Szreder, Daniel Wright, Jenna Pierce, Charlotte Sarro, Archie Makepeace-Beach, Luke Cogings, Kira Horsfall, Christian Hovell, Holly Banister, Netania Wogan, Michael Balasal


Fantastic team work and results in the Year 7 Basketball Final:

Harry T, Joris B, Joris J, Dyakow T, Yannis L, Riles G

Year 9
Gerda Vilcinskaite – Excellent skills in Basketball

Year 11
Jack Hutchings - Very good GCSE Coursework


The following Year 9 students for their excellent Pop up Restaurants for their Year 9 project. 

Oliwia Wojdyla, Jessica Palmer, Lacey Abbott, Joshua Baker, Joshua Corfield, Stuart Booth, Jai Holmes, Mya Edis, Chloe Ellington, Katie Pickwell, Kornelija Gramantaite, Laila Younis, Shanelle Muzuva, Abbie Freeman, Ellarna Ayres-Harris, Cloe Thomas, Paige Hebdon, Khadijat Quadri, May Hylanda, Megan Reeves, Mercedes Balasal, Thomas McShane, Keeley Setchfield, Lucy Wright, Chelsea Froude-Henry


Year 11
Cameron Gater-Condon - excellent attitude and commitment

Year 8
Jack Ruff and Jamie Johnson- always reliable and hard working


Mrs J Purdy

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