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Physical Education

Physical Education

What will I learn?

Students will develop the understanding of learning at Key Stage 4 in the areas of scientific, socio – cultural and practical areas of Physical Education.

It is a 70% theory and 30% non-exam assessment in the form of practical work and a written assessment. Assessment Objectives will be in four areas – the demonstration of knowledge and understanding factors underpinning performance (AO1), applying knowledge and understanding of factors underpinning performance (AO2), Analyse and evaluate factors underpinning performance (AO3) and demonstrate and apply relevant skills in physical activity (AO4). 

Further course content:

A Level students will cover seven areas of content. These are:

  • Applied anatomy and exercise physiology – the musculo-skeletal system, cardio-respiratory system, neuromuscular system, energy systems, diet and nutrition, training methods for physical activity
  • Biomechanical Movement – biomechanical principles, levers, analyses of movement, types of motion.
  • Skill Acquisition – skill continuums, transfer of skill, impact of skill classification on learning, guidance and feedback and memory models
  • Sport Psychology – factors that influence an individual in physical activities, dynamics of a group/team and impact on the individual, goal setting, leadership, confidence, stress management, self efficacy, attribution theory.
  • Sport and Society – the emergence of modern sport, the impact of sport on society, ethics in sport, talent identification programmes, commercialisation and the media impact on sport.
  • The role of technology in physical activity and sport – use of technology to analyse performance, development of equipment and facilities, impact of technology on performer and audience.
  • Performance or coaching of an activity (taken from the approved list)
Who Can Do It?

This is available to all students who have achieved a 6 at GCSE or a merit at BTEC Level 2. Students must have an active interest in sport and physical activity and maintaining an active role at a competitive level is essential. Students will be expected to study independently to develop their understanding beyond lesson time. They will also be expected to take an active interest in the world of sport and apply real world examples to theories learnt in class. 

What can I do next?

Following studies at A Level, students are well placed to continue studies at university in a range of courses or a variety of roles within the leisure industry.


 AS/A level
 1-2 Years
OCR A Level Physical Education
Entry Requirements:
6 GCSEs graded 5 and above including GCSE PE at grade 6 or Merit at BTEC, Students must be involved in competitive sport for the duration of the course.

Ken Stimpson Community School
Staniland Way
PE4 6JT (Sat Nav users: PE4 6WR)