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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Aspects at KSCS

The Children Act

Post 16 students decided to accompany Social Sciences staff to watch the Film ‘The Children Act’ at Peterborough’s Showcase Cinema.

The film stars Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci and is based on a previous case and events and elaborates on the issues with the Justice System and The Children Act in particular. The film also highlights the conflict faced between Law, morality and religion.


Students from Years 12, 13 and 14.

Aspect of SMSC

Spiritual Development
Moral Development
Social Development
Cultural Development

Reason for event

Students from a host of Social Sciences subjects wanted to see the film including Sociology, Law and Criminology. Some post 16 students who are also interested in a career in law decided to join us in order to gain understanding of professional procedure in cases and courts.

The film helped the students to evaluate the conflict between religion/morality and the Law and how objectivity for the judges handing down decisions is not always possible. Based on the students Summer work in Law the film promoted further discussion and evaluation of who should make decisions in such cases, the parents, the child, the judges or the doctors. It also introduced the students to legal principles enshrined in statutes such as the welfare checklist in The Children Act and the principle that even though the child’s welfare is the paramount consideration, it is not the only one. 

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