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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Aspects at KSCS

Thorpe Park educational visit- September

On Friday 29 September the Business Faculty accompanied our Year 11 Business and Post 16 Travel and Tourism students to the Thorpe Park theme park in Surrey. The purpose of the visit was to allow the students to attend a very interesting lecture and Q&A session on the topic of Thorpe Park as a business and customer service by Thorpe Park's education officer.

Our talk was at the end of our day and prior to that the other reason why students look forward to this annual Business Faculty trip is the opportunity to take on some of the biggest 'white-knuckle' rides in the country

On the coach journey home our students were proudly boasting of taking on the stomach churning quartet of Swarm, Colossus, Nemesis Inferno and Stealth. 


IGCSE students from Year 11 (participants)

Level 3 BTEC National Travel and Tourism students (participants)

Kevin Abbott, Neil Kenefec, Sarah Bates (staff)

Aspect of SMSC

Moral Development
Social Development
Cultural Development

Reason for event

Participating in this visit enhanced our IGCSE students’ understanding of key syllabi topics and directly supports the coursework unit for ‘Customer Service in Travel and Tourism for their Level 3 BTEC Travel and Tourism Post 16 students.  The Education Officers talk covered how Thorpe Park meets the needs of all of its customers and is trying to target new market segments, such as the 8 - 12 year segment by introducing Angry Birds Land and 18 - 25 year old 'clubbers' by launching their new Ministry of Sound Club nights and 'The Shark' hotel.  This relates directly to the marketing and customer service topic areas from the IGCSE specification and the Level 3 BTEC Travel and Tourism course.  The students demonstrated their business knowledge by asking some intelligent and thoughtful questions and found out the level of investment in a new rollercoaster (approx. £20 million) and number of accidents that occur at the theme park (0 serious accidents although apparently lots of people fall over!) 

Alongside the direct relevance to the syllabus content, this trip is used as a reward for good behaviour.  Only students who meet the Faculty’s expected standards of homework and behaviour are permitted to attend our Business trips.  This improves student motivation in lessons. 

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Staniland Way
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