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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Aspects at KSCS

Y12 Biology sampling trip

Students went to the Hunstanton Sea Life Centre where they were given a talk on marine animal adaptations and their habitats. They were allowed to touch the animals and observe them close up. The talk also covered conservation projects and issues both locally and globally.

Afterwards they learned some beach sampling techniques. Later they were driven to the Sandringham Estate for forestry management and sampling techniques, including the ethics of tree logging and land clearance.


Year 12 Biology students and teachers

Aspect of SMSC

Spiritual Development
Moral Development

Reason for event

Provided ‘hands on’ experience of biological techniques.

Raised their understanding of the impact humans have on nature.

Taught respectful treatment of other species.

Insight into possible careers in Biology.

Ken Stimpson Community School
Staniland Way
PE4 6JT (Sat Nav users: PE4 6WR)