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Citizenship, PSHE and Religious Studies

Compulsory, Pathways Block 2 3

Citizenship enables students to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to be informed, active and responsible members of local, national and global communities.

Citizenship is a statutory requirement of the school curriculum and is embedded across all curriculum subjects. Citizenship learning is factual and conceptual and looks at criminal and civil law, government and politics, electoral systems, the economy, democracy and justice. The focus is to give students the opportunity to address real-life issues and show them how they can make a difference.

Student Voice is an essential part of Citizenship. “Active Citizenship” participation can be through involvement with the Student Council, peer education, buddying and charity weeks. It can also involve contributing articles to the school weekly newsletter and leading events organised for local primary schools; these are but a few opportunities our young people have to make a difference.

Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE)
PSHE will be delivered through a weekly lesson. Topics will vary according to the needs of the cohort and current topics that we feel are appropriate and would benefit the health and well-being of students in Key Stage 4. Current topics are: Careers, Team Sports, Health, Diet and Exercise, Wellbeing and Life Skills. 

Religious Studies
Religious Studies will now be delivered through a weekly lesson. It has always been integrated within the curriculum at Ken Stimpson Community School but we recognise the importance of this subject. We are therefore ensuring that we meet the statutory requirement for this subject through a distinct lesson.

Religious Studies will focus on exploring a range of philosophical and ethical issues using religious and non religious viewpoints. Our aim within the subject is to raise awareness of diversity to encourage tolerance and respect for all members of society.

We will study a range of different topics, some will focus on a religious theme such as arguments for the existence of God and some topics will focus on an ethical theme such as human rights. Religious Studies will also support the development of oracy through the use of topical debates and students will have the opportunity to think about the values and beliefs that are important to them. The aim isn’t to make anyone religious, but to harness curiosity to explore two key world religions and ethical issues that affect the world today.

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