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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Aspects at KSCS

Year 7 A half Rocket Project – 02/07/18 to 12/07/18

Building water bottle rockets out of pop bottles is fun for anyone. This project required students to start their rocket building business. Students are tested with their knowledge of Maths, Science, and Business.

Maths skills, suitable for year 7, includes:

  • Place values
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing Money
  • Measuring mass, volume, time, temperature, angles, diameters, and circumferences.
  • Scaling

Social Skills include:

  • Planning
  • Team work

Every lesson students were allowed one or two free questions in order to guide them.

We were looking for students to take ownership of his/her own project and is encouraged to ‘add your own flair’ to the final submission.   This extended piece of work to will give students a chance to apply, in real-life situations, some of the skills they have acquired in the classroom and also to afford them the opportunity to present their findings for scrutiny by both their teachers and their peers.


Year 7 A half students, teachers from KSCS Maths Department, KSCS student body, other KSCS teaching staff plus admin and support staff.

Aspect of SMSC

Social Development

Reason for event

Provide students with the opportunity to use maths concepts in the real world.  Introduces them to life-skills that will serve them as they progress through education and into adulthood such as planning and research, collection and analysis and ultimately presentation or argument – even if it’s only about which washing-machine to buy!

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