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I love 12yo's school so much. They are *brilliant* with her.
- Parent
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10th February 2017

Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 10/02/2017
KSCS Newsletter February 10th 2017
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Principal's Commendations
After a very demanding week, I am pleased to share with you my appointment as permanent Principal of the school!
I am proud and honoured to lead a school community with so many special students and staff.

I will endeavour to put into place my pledges which include:

  • To provide a robust curriculum to prepare your child to journey through their education with maximum success;
  • To enhance our strong links with businesses and with educational institutions to enable every student at our school to have purpose and value;
  • To continue to offer the family values that the school has already put in place;  to reward and acknowledge the overwhelming majority who apply the positive mind set every day and achieve through hard work, and many other things.  To also re-iterate the very clear behaviour standards and to ask for your supportive action when required.
  • To offer more effective communication at appropriate times, including to parents/carers and students.
  •  Ultimately, to open up the opportunities to being an even more listening and reflective school. To this end I will ensure that the frequent opportunity to prove with everyone engaged with the school  “We asked, You said, We did” is a culture of what we do to improve.

 I look forward to meeting you over the next few weeks and months.

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Year 11 students in class 11A1 for Maths
I will be holding revision sessions every Wednesday after-school from 3.30 - 4.30 in 3U19.

We are covering the AQA PPE for the first week. Now is the time (if you haven't already) to up the revision in the build up to our GCSEs.

Mr Brown
Teacher of Maths

KSCS achieves full accreditation for the National Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)
I am pleased to announce that our LPPA examiner came to examine our portfolio of evidence and to discuss the ten aims outlined below with a small group of staff, parents, students and governor on Friday 3 February 2017. We are pleased to announce that we achieved the full LPPA award for 2017-2020, following this visit.

Over the last two years KSCS has been aiming to underpin many of our school activities through the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA), which were as follows:

  • How to make your school or setting genuinely welcoming to parents and carers.
  • How to communicate really effectively with parents and carers.
  • How to get all parents and carers involved with the school – particularly the ‘harder to reach’.
  • How to engage all staff in working effectively with parents and carers.
  • How to support parents and carers so they can really help with their children’s learning.
  • Finding time to plan and organise events and activities to engage parents.
  • Coping with limited physical space and resources.
  • How to best use information and communications technology to enhance parent partnership.
  • Increasing parental engagement in the context of the safeguarding agenda.
  • Knowing how well you are doing and the impact parent partnership is having on pupils’ and students’ achievement.

We will continue in developing our parent partnership through the LPPA Objectives, we are hoping to have long term successes for KSCS in the form of:

  • Improved student punctuality, attendance and behaviour.
  • Improved student progress.
  • Increased parental involvement in consultation events and learning activities.
  • Increased number and range of parents actively involved with the school.

Mrs Boughton
Assistant Principal

Year 1 Multiskills
Over the last two weeks has seen the running of this year’s, year 1 Multi skills festival here at Ken Stimpson.

There were over 200 students taking part in two separate sessions from our local feeder primary school: William Law, Norwood and Werrington. The students took part in different activities to improve their core skills such as Running, Balance and Throwing in different sporting activities. The students were expertly guided by our student leaders. The students all enjoyed their time here and found the event very enjoyable to take part in. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the student leaders that assisted me with this event.

Mr Gray
Teacher of PE

Electronic Reports
"Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one" Disney

All Houses have had a decrease in attendance with Excellence currently in the lead. The winter bugs have hit the school hard. Please can I remind you to supply Medical documentation on the third day and to return as soon as you can.

Sharon Blackledge
KSCS Attendance Officer

What's happening at KSCS?
Events and visits in the school over the next fortnight:
Tuesday 14/02/2017
PSHE Day 2
Wednesday 15/02/2017
NCS Post 16 Assembly
Thursday 16/02/2017
Year 1 Multi-skills Festival Session 2
Friday 17/02/2017
Break up Half Term
Monday 27/02/2017
School Opens
Post 16 PPE Exams Round 2
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