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7th April 2017

Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 07/04/2017
KSCS Newsletter April 7th 2017
Introduction photo
Message from the Principal
This week’s newsletter is packed with so much information that I have deliberately kept my introduction very short. The articles speak for themselves: what we are doing on a weekly basis to make life at our school even more fulfilling.

Trips out to enrich the students, extra revision sessions, the quality of art work produced during Year 10+11 examinations, superb careers information, the student newsletter section: so many activities are taking place and there is so much more.  Please enjoy reading the newsletter and I would like to thank the staff of KSCS for all their hard work over this long term.

Finally, I want to wish all of you a well-deserved two week break with your families. Thank you for your support and appropriate challenge; it is welcomed and helpful in moving us forward.    

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Maths Revision
We have now reached the Easter holiday, this time will make the difference to students grades.

Revision sessions are on Tuesday the 11 and Wednesday 12 of April for maths, alongside this, using the countdown alongside Hegarty (see attached, in the letters home section) and other revision resources will really make the difference to closing the gap on areas students still have issues with. Please find attached week 7 of the extra questions students can do at home with the support of parents as mark schemes and examiners reports are also attached. Every week I will continue to attach five topics that regularly appear on examinations, there is also a Personal Learning Checklist so students can track what they feel they have mastered and what they need more help on. This can be used alongside Hegarty maths which has video tutorials to help students understand topics.

Extra revision classes will run every Monday lunchtime in 3U22 for all year 11s.

Targeted revision classes for specific groups will take place after school as follows: 

  • A1/B1 Mondays (CTK),Thursdays (JHY/NBN),
  • A2/B2 Mondays (CTK),  Thursdays (THN),
  • A3/B3 Mondays (LDY), Wednesday (NBN), Thursdays (JCA),
  • A4 Mondays (CTK), 
  • B4 Mondays (ICC) and also Tuesday to Friday lunchtimes with (ICC)

On sale now, new specification revision resources at under half of the retail price. Revision guides £2.50, Revision Workbooks £2.50 (answers books £1) and Past papers books £2.50

Updated hyperlinked personal learning checklist attached. (virtual tutor)

Mr Donnelly
Mathematics KS3 Coordinator

careers fair
Art GCSE and BTEC Exam
The Year 11 Art and Design GCSE and BTEC 10 hour final exam took place Thursday and Friday of last week. The students worked incredibly hard in the run up to the exam to develop ideas and refine their skills, working to their given exam theme.

The  Year 10 GCSE students also had a taste of their first 10 hour PPE on the same two days and they too showed off what a fantastic set of skills they have been developing this year so far.


The pride the students took in their final outcomes was commendable and the Art teaching team are very proud of all students achievements and can't wait to Showcase their talent.

All work created by Years 10 and 11 will be exhibited in the Art Exhibition on the Community Arts Evening calendared on the 23 June. All welcome. Timings TBC.

Mrs Bamber
Head of faculty: Art and Design

Aspire House Debate finals
The finals of the Aspire House Inter-form debate took place between LDY and GBS on Thursday 6 April in the Dance studio. The hot topic of the day was 'Performing Arts should be removed from compulsory curriculum in schools'.

Mrs Beverley-Stone's form, represented by Pierro Freestone, Jasmine Stiff and Jay Odedra, spoke for the motion.  Mr Donnelly's group, represented by Amber Bollons, Ewan Mcranor and Katie Pedley, spoke against.

There was much passion and heat in the air as all students spoke with enthusiasm and commitment. The intensity of the debate confirmed excellent research and prior planning by all participants.  The concise and articulate use of vocabulary enhanced the standard of debating skills.  Issues such as importance of concentrating on core subjects in place of Performing Arts and the latter being offered as extra curricular subject were countered by enabling students to learn new non-academic skills or develop talent even more.  Importance of PSHE was also mentioned in passing!   


After much deliberation, the argument against removing Performing Arts came across as stronger and Mr Donnelly's team were declared winners for 2017.

All tutors and student participants are to be congratulated for their contribution. Thank you to Kayla Green, Aspire House student Leader, for helping to organise and overseeing the debates and suggesting debate topics, these included:

  • Should mobile phones be banned from school
  • Should Zoo's be abolished
  • Should Performing Arts be cut from School
  • Should the voting age be lowered?
  • Should students be held legally responsible for bullying in schools?
  • Should laptops and iPads be compulsory learning tools in all lessons?

Mrs Purdy and Mr Walji
Heads of Aspire

GCSE Year 11 Dancers
I would just like to say a huge well done and congratulations to the GCSE Year 11 Dancers, they performed their 3 practical exams on Wednesday and the chief examiner and dance consultant was extremely impressed with the dance pieces she saw.

A bug thank you to all dancers involved, Miss Barben, Mrs Yewbrey and Miss Campbell for all their help and support for Year 11.

Well done to: Katie Lefevre, Bailey Smith, Katie Reeve, Sian Toms, Charlotte Cartwright, Ellie Forrest, Megan McCulloch, Alice Rudd, Atlanta Fountain, Caitlin Kelly, Alix Cheesewright, Alicia Hepburn, Rebecca Bloy, Rania Saqre and Emma Cook.

Just the theory paper to go now!



Mrs Purdy
Head of Aspire House



Kindle Reading Club
A group of students from Years 7 and 8 has been participating in ‘Kindle Reading Club’ that initiated early November.

The students were given a Kindle Fire to keep until the end of the year to read in their free time. In return, they attend weekly meetings that take place every Friday in 1U01 at lunchtime. The students come and share with others what they are reading at the time, whether they like book or not and why. In addition, they write short book reviews that will be published before the end of the year for the others to get some ideas on what to read over the summer holiday. If you think you would like to participate in it, please come and join us!

Mr Charko
Teacher of English

Lower School
At the end of another term the lower school team take great pleasure in providing a 'rewards' event for 251 students in Years 7 & 8 who always meet our expectation.

Students are rewarded with a personalised invite to a movie and refreshments during the afternoon on Thursday 6 April for their efforts and positive contribution to our school community.


The challenge for those students who have missed out this term, is to raise their game! I'm disappointed for students who miss out on opportunities however, these students have to take responsibility for their learning, attitude and behaviour.

The expectation from the lower school team will remain consistently high, placing great importance on the following values:

  • Attendance & Punctuality
  • Uniform & Equipment
  • Politeness & Attitude towards others
  • Attitude towards learning and showing high levels of effort.

We would like to wish all students a fantastic Easter break and remind students that they are due to come back to school on Wednesday 26 April.

Mr Treliving
Head of Lower School & Transition

Easter Revision Programme
Revision Timetable
Art Competition - March Winners
art winners

art winners

art winners
Student Shout!
Student Shout

This is now the second version of the Stimpson Shout and I hope that the first week was able to calm the nerves of Year 11’s after finishing a week of PPE exams and hopefully gave everyone a handful of revision tips that can aid them in the final weeks up to exams. However, this week, I thought it would be important to introduce the student council and explain how we are working to progress the school.

As you may be aware, the student council is made up of 4 House Captains, their deputies and 2 Peterborough Youth Council representatives. 2-3 times each half-term, each House in the school holds a School Council meeting where 2 representatives from each form are responsible for discussing the views of their form group. An agenda covering 4-5 points such as uniform, parents evening, the newsletter and the canteen are sent out and forms are given around a week to discuss their opinions. At the meetings, each of these issues are individually discussed and any feedback from students is noted. Behind the scenes of these meetings the student council meet with Mr Corner and Mr Erwin on a fortnightly basis to forward on this feedback whilst discussing any potential ideas for the future, this half term alone the wheels have been set in motion for a variety of exciting improvements to the school.

Judging from the exceptional turnout at all the school council meetings, it’s safe to say that as a community we are all working hard to not only improve the school but to ensure positive feedback on these improvements and about other students/staff are always voiced. It really is remarkable to see how each member of this school works together, and the student council would like to thank all of you for your endless support and dedication to helping us, because without this support we simply could not work.

Each member of the student council has taken the opportunity to write a small introduction to who they are and what they aim to do:

Tayla Nagle – Success House Captain – “I joined the student council to help to improve the school but I am always here to offer support to everyone during their time at school. If you ever have any issues about how the school can be improved or any feedback at all, please email me and I will try my best to pass your messages on”

Erin Leahy – Success Deputy House Captain – “This year I'm fortunate enough to be part of the school council discussing future changes for the school and involving students on these changes. My aim for this year is to include the views of the whole school on student council decisions. My aim is for the school to get furtherly involved in charity events and raising money is also a main aim for the progressing year"

Emily Hale – Excellence House Captain – “My aim is to listen to you all, improve the school to improve your future but most importantly try to make the school are happier and more positive place! You can always come and speak to me if you have a problem, or just fancy a chat!”

Laura Griffin – Excellence Deputy House Captain – “Throughout my two years on the student council I aim to get to know everyone in the house as an individual and create and approachable atmosphere where you feel you can confide in me no matter the situation and no matter the time, I want to make sure every student, in excellence house and the other 3, has their voices and opinions heard.”

Sundas Mushtaq – Integrity House Captain – “My aim as a house captain and as a student at Ken Stimpson is to help as many students as I can and help make improvements that will benefit the school in the long run. Please feel free to email me or approach me in person with any problems or views you may have and I will do my best to help you. Thank you!”

Amie Johnson – Integrity Deputy House Captain – “Whilst pursuing this role, I aim to achieve as many of the ideas raised by school council as possible, in order to show that form rep’s and all other students voices and ideas will be heard! I would also like to introduce some of my own ideas that I think would greatly benefit our school”

Kayla Green – Aspire House CaptainCurrently, I am House Captain of Aspire House. Within my role I have introduced many new ideas to try and make form time more enjoyable for students. Previously activities such as Feel Good Friday's and Family Fortunes were a great success. This half-term we have introduced an inter-form debate with myself, Mrs Purdy and Mr Walji judging these which are going very well and students are really getting into the topics. “

Laura Griffin
Year 12 Student - House Captain

"We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together." - Bill Richardson

Aspire hold the lead still this week, but we still have far to go to achieve our target of 96.5%. If we can all work together to achieve this then everyone gains. I hope that you have a restful Easter and come back ready to come to school and learn.

Sharon Blackledge
KSCS Attendance Officer

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