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Parent Pay

What is ParentPay?

ParentPay is a web payment service allowing you to pay online by credit card or debit card, for many school services including lunch card top-up and school trips.

You can:

  • Top up your child's dinner money card 
  • Pay for school trips 
  • Order school uniform 

Click here for the school shop or click here to login to ParentPay for all other options.  Note the school shop and ParentPay are 2 different things: the shop is for buying uniform, whilst ParentPay is used for other school services.

If you haven't yet received your ParentPay username and password or you need further help, please email  Note, you don't need a username and password for the school shop.

Is My Account Secure?

Your account information is only available to you, via your unique login details and to the school ParentPay managers we need this information in order to route income correctly and to maintain accurate and up to date information in the system. ParentPay and the school managers will only ever access your account at your request.

Data Protection

ParentPay stores a very limited amount of information about you and your child, solely for the purposes of administering your account. Your information will not be shared or given to other organisations. ParentPay operates under strict guidelines as set out by the Data Protection Act 1998.

How Do I Access My Account?

If you have not already received a letter with your ParentPay information please call the school on 01733 765950 and ask to speak to the IT support department regarding ParentPay or email giving your child's name and form in the email.

I'm Still Not Sure

If you have any questions or concerns about ParentPay please call 01733 765950 and ask to speak with IT Support. We will be happy to talk to you about ParentPay and assist you in any way we can. Also you can read the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the ParentPay site, which may answer some of your questions.  Click here to view them.

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