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I love 12yo's school so much. They are *brilliant* with her.
- Parent
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New Students


Welcome to Ken Stimpson Community School!

We know that starting a new school can be a scary thing so we thought we'd put together a little bit of helpful information for you to try and make the experience a little easier. Have a look around this page and our website and if you have an other questions feel free to contact us.

Your First Day

On your first day at school you should arrive at school by 8:40am ready for a prompt start in the correct uniform.

If you are a Year 7 student joining us in September you need to make your way to the Assembly Hall where you will be met by your Form Tutor.  You will be welcomed to the school and  issued with a school planner and your timetable.  Until you are settled at the school you will be guided to your lessons by student mentors and staff so you don't need to worry about losing your way.

If you are joining us later in the year you need to make your way to the School Reception where you will be met by a member of staff who will guide you through everything you need to do and introduce you to your new classmates.  During our induction process you will be shown around the school site and given any information you require including your IT Username and Password.

Getting Around

Moving around a new school can be a daunting task! Here's some useful facts to help you navigate our school and you can also check out our downloadable site map here

  • Our site consists of 5 blocks
  • Classrooms are either upstairs (Upper) or downstairs (Lower)
  • All classrooms are named with a 4 character code 
    • Which block it is in
    • Whether it is upstairs (U) or downstairs (L)
    • How far around the corridoor it is

Room Code example

So, for example, a classroom with code 3U23 is in Block 3, Upstairs and the 23 classroom along

Don't worry, as you move around the site you will soon pick up where your classrooms are!


One of the best ways to get off to a good start at a new school and to give yourself that little burst of confidence is to make sure you're wearing the correct clothes. Check out our uniform page to see what you can and can't wear at Ken Stimpson and if in doubt check with your Tutor first!

Uniform example



Have you got the right equipment? Check out our equipment checklist to make sure you have everything you need for that first day

IT Services

During your time at Ken Stimpson you will rely heavily on our IT equipment and services.  When you first join us you will be issued with a school Username and Password.  This will allow you to access everything you need.  Should you require any support with our systems do feel free to pop along to the IT Services office where we will give you the help you need or ask your teacher to contact us.

Find out more about our IT services here.

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