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Performing Arts - Dance

Block 1
Assessment: Practical 60% | Exam 40%
Subject Lead: Mrs J. Purdy

Why study Dance?
If you have a passion for dance then this course is for you!
If you have interest in the Performing and Creative Arts industry including Musical Theatre then this course will help you acquire the necessary skills to take part in it! The new specification for Dance is now much broader whilst still retaining the basics of the old specification with a real focus on practical skills.

There are three main parts:

Performance - Total component 60% (80 marks)
30% Practical/40 Marks

  • Set phrases through a solo performance (approximately one minute).
  • Duet/trio performance (three minutes in a dance which is a maximum of five minutes in duration).

30% Practical/40 Marks

  • Solo or group choreography (Solo - 2-2 1/2 minutes or a group dance for two to five dancers of 3-3 1/2 minutes).

Non-exam assessment (NEA) marked by the centre and moderated by AQA.

40%/80 Marks
Written exam 1 hour 30 minutes
Knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills
Critical appreciation of own work
Critical appreciation of professional works
Questions based on students' own practise in performance, choreography and the GCSE Dance anthology

Progression to Post 16
This qualification in Dance naturally leads into an A Level or Level 3 course in Performing Arts, Musical Theatre or Dance either here at Ken Stimpson as part of a broader curriculum or further afield in a full-time theatrical course. If you are considering a career in theatre or Dance Schools then this course is essential.

After-school sessions must be attended for rehearsals and students will need to participate in school shows and productions.

Due to Health and Safety restrictions, Dance is limited to 22 places.

Ken Stimpson Community School
Staniland Way
PE4 6JT (Sat Nav users: PE4 6WR)