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Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 27/09/2019
KSCS Newsletter September 27th 2019
Introduction photo
Message from the Principal

Introducing our new Mathematics wall wrap

I am proud to share with you our new, exciting and vibrant Mathematics corridor wall wrap, which was finished on Friday. We aim to provide the highest quality learning environments for our students at KSCS, and I know from early feedback that the students are very pleased to have this as an active learning resource, as well as feeling proud about our school.


Curriculum Day – Monday 30 September

We are committed to enriching the learning of all of our students throughout the academic year.  The purpose of these collapsed days is to enrich the students with learning that is not always focussed in subject areas and to offer cultural opportunities.  The first of these is on Monday and there are further days planned over this academic year. I am grateful to the staff for their creativity in planning outside of the box, but also to Mr Whales for his Leadership of this important initiative.

I look forward to feeding back to you about the day and the richness that it will bring to learning and curiosity beyond our existing curriculum provision.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a parent of year 7 or 8 then they must all bring their PE kit on Monday.

Parent Survey – We want your feedback

Thank you to the hundreds of parents that have responded to our satisfaction survey. We would dearly love to have even more returns, whether it is positive or otherwise, so that we can work together to continue our growth from strength to strength.

The survey takes 3-5 minutes please click here to access the survey

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

School Opening October 3 2019
Independent learning in Humanities
As knowledge increases, wonder deepens.

Ken Stimpson Community School is bringing Humanities to life, with exciting independent learning opportunities for students in Years 7, 8 and 9. 

Students have been issued with an engaging menu of activities to complete, alongside their studies in History and Geography lessons. There are a huge range of tasks to choose from, including books to read, video clips to watch, tasks to do and suggestions of places to visit. 

We ask that parents please sign and date next to the activities that students have completed outside of school. Students should then bring any evidence of this completed work to school, before the deadline set by their teacher. This finishing date will be set for after half term, to enable those who wish to visit a particular location to be able to do so. Students without physical evidence, will be asked to discuss their independent learning in lesson. The task sheet will be available on paper and handed out during lesson time, but also placed onto the connect homework system, where both students and parents/carers will be able to access the information. 

We hope that this opportunity will allow students to engage in, and see the value of History and Geography themes, and also allow parents and carers to have more insight into the topics that we deliver in Humanities each half term. 

Don't forget to add us on Social Media, so that we can share your fantastic work with the community @ks_school on Twitter and Instagram or @KenStimpsonSchool on Facebook. You can also hashtag any pictures of your learning or visits  #KSCSHums


Miss S Walker

Year 7 Students of the week

Well done to the year 7's who received student of the week from Ms Read, Mrs Purdy and their tutors. These were awarded for many reasons, such as being kind, respectful and helping out others.

Mrs C Read
Head of Year 7

Student Acknowledgement

Mr Norman - Music
Emily Richardson, Emily Shadwell, Lana Smith, Amy Noble and Alyssa Blake for some fantastic singing in their lessons this week. A joy to hear.

Mrs Purdy - Dance
Kayleigh Pell and Eden Brown for a fantastic start to their GCSE DANCE choreography coursework.

Mrs McLean - English
The following girls from the book club have been working in the school library, during their breaks, to help organise the last books that were donated, so that we are now ready to open it for the students. 

Mollie Simpson
Airida Jomante
Kayleigh Pell

Mr Housley - Year 9

I would like to commend year 9 for such a positive start to the new academic year and I hope that you continue to shine.

Miss Sothmann - Year 10

Michael Whiting for a positive start to year 10.

Miss Harvey - Year 11

Kiellan Smith for receiving positive praise from numerous staff members and for being a superb role model to others.

Year 7 Top Connect Points
Year 8 Top Connect Points
Year 9 Top Connect Points
Year 10 Top Connect Points
Year 11 Top Connect Points
Year 12 Top Connect Points
Year 13 Top Connect Points

Mrs J Purdy
Extended Leadership Team

Extra Curricular 2019/2020

Please see the video below for details of revision classes, catch up sessions and after school clubs that are available to students this academic year at Ken Stimpson Community School.


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